5 Reasons Why Estheticians Should Attend Business Summits

5 Reasons Why Estheticians Should Attend Business Summits

As beauty professionals, we are drawn to hands-on training and classes on the latest modalities and technologies. If we are honest, we know deep down that we need more business training to nurture the entrepreneur and manager within us.

5 Reasons Why Estheticians Should Attend Business SummitsYou may have invested in online courses to advance your business. They are extremely helpful but it’s not the same as being in a room full of creative and strategic thinkers. That energy becomes alive.

Go to a live business summit and spark the three personalities within you; the esthetician, owner, and entrepreneur.

Running your own business can make you feel isolated and exhausted. Not having the right support and network can impact your ability and sometimes have you questioning yourself. “Am I doing this right?”

Gain clarity and perspective by attending live business summits designed specifically for beauty professionals. Step out of your treatment room and explore possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Attending business summits will give you the opportunity to network with mentors and fellow beauty industry professionals while gaining knowledge and insights tailored just for you.

The best summits are more than just a series of panels and presentations. I feel we learn best in interactive settings to help new ideas sink in.

These settings allow you to brainstorm with fellow attendees.

Getting savvy in leadership, marketing, and business skills will set you up for the long game so that you can build a business you love.

Here are 5 reasons why investing the time to attend a business summit is well worth the effort:

Reason 1: Augment the Beauty Industry With Positive Leadership

Recently, I have noticed a declining support system and negative behaviors toward one another in many Facebook groups for beauty professionals. It’s rather disheartening to see that fellow estheticians are quick to criticize and tear down a fellow sister or brother.

To advance the industry, we need to help one another and nurture positive leadership. When you attend a business summit that focuses on helping you become an effective leader, it’s a win for you, your career, and our industry.

Reason 2: Develop Meaningful Connections With Fellow Beauty Professionals

Online learning is convenient and helpful but it doesn’t replace making face-to-face connections with other beauty professionals.

While I offer an online learning platform that has helped many estheticians grow their practice, I notice that something magical happens when like-minded estheticians fill a room. You’ll be amazed by the love, connection, and positive energy when we come together as one.

Reason 3: Enhance Your Learning In an Intimate Setting

We learn better in an intimate setting since it allows for better communication between speakers and attendees. It also feels less intimidating to participate in interactive exercises.

For example, many participants in the 2021 Beauty Business Summit said that one of the best things about the event was its intimate setting (under 100 people.) Attendees felt safe about sharing their thoughts and letting their walls down.

In addition, a smaller group means you get more chances to interact with other participants. You’ll get the support you need and possibly discover collaboration opportunities to help with your business growth.

Reason 4: Improve Your Marketing Skills

Many estheticians struggle with marketing, which is not surprising due to all the moving parts. From getting clear on your marketing message and fine-tuning your offerings to building relationships with your community – there’s a lot to learn and even more to juggle.

A summit that focuses on marketing can provide you with proven solutions that will help you design innovative strategies, engage your audience, boost your visibility, and attract more ideal clients.

Reason 5: Hone Your Business Acumen

Most entrepreneurs struggle with the business side of things yet it’s imperative that you know how to run a business if you want to build a successful practice. It’s not easy doing it on your own.

Learning business skills amongst peers helps you hone your real-world problem-solving abilities and learn what it takes to grow a profitable business.

Choosing the Right Summits To Attend

There are many conferences and industry trade shows for beauty professionals. They offer incredible value and in-depth knowledge to help you advance as a beauty business owner. Which ones should you attend?

Here are a couple of summits to consider:

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa is the place to be if you want to connect with thousands of like-minded skincare professionals. You can find the tools you need to learn, create, inspire, innovate, and expand your esthetics practice.

I had the opportunity to teach classes and speak on the main stage at the event for the past couple of years and the value this event offers is simply incredible.

The Beauty Business Summit is also becoming the focal point where beauty industry professionals come to grow in leadership, marketing, and business.

The summit offers a unique and intimate setting – the smaller number of attendees means you get more attention.

We hope you feel compelled to attend a business summit that’ll help you grow your business this year.

It’s important to get out of the treatment room, explore possibilities, and make connections with other beauty professionals. You’ll get the support you need to build a beauty business you’re going to love for many years to come.

Any licensed beauty professional will gain a lot by attending a business summit – whether you’re a business owner or not. If you’re an employee, click here to see how you can convince your boss to sponsor your efforts.


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