7 Tips To Move Out Of The Victim Mentality As A Beauty Business Owner


Move Out Of The Victim Mentality As A Beauty Business OwnerIf you are caught in a victim mentality, short-term or otherwise, you could feel paralyzed making decisions and doing other important tasks in your beauty business. Discover 7 tips to help you move out of a victim mindset to having a winner mindset to feel positive and productive.

To clarify the difference, a victim rarely sees a way out of a situation and doesn’t believe they have the power to do anything about it. They would rather be saved or rescued.

On the other hand, a person with a winner’s mindset is optimistic, even if there is uncertainty with their business decisions. They possess a determination to figure out a way to move forward. 

Of course, life (and business) isn’t always smooth sailing. Things do get hard and once in a while, we might find ourselves in a temporary victim mode. That is normal.

Winners have moments when they fall into a victim mentality, especially when trying something new or venturing into uncharted territories. The difference is that they make choices and own those choices. They are resourceful and find solutions to move forward.

It’s different if we fall into a chronic victim mentality, which causes us to blame others instead of taking responsibility all the time. This could keep squash our professional development and holding us back from becoming successful and feeling empowered.

What Does a Victim Mentality Look Like?

A victim mentality makes a person believe bad things happen and keep happening to them. This can lead to certain difficult emotions and behaviors, such as:

  • Avoiding responsibility, making excuses, and blaming other people.
  • Not seeking solutions, not making changes, and keep wallowing in misery.
  • Having a sense of powerlessness and not believing that they can make changes.
  • Negative self-talk, low self-confidence, and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Frustration, anger, and resentment toward the world around them.

How To Overcome Victim Mentality and Become a Winner in Life

The good news is that you can move out of victimhood and into an empowered winner’s mindset by practicing a few things:

Take Responsibility For Your Life

It’s true that some of us have to overcome more adversities than others, we still have a choice in how we respond. We can choose to take responsibility and ownership instead of blaming others for our situation or circumstance.

Focus on Your Goals

Focus on the things within your immediate control. Decide what you want in your business and what’s important to you in life. Then focus on taking small steps to help breathe life into your goals. Instead of wasting time or placing blame elsewhere, focus on what you can do to move forward.

Imagine What’s Possible

Victims tell themselves that there’s nothing they can do about a situation — which is rarely true. To change your perspective, brainstorm how you can improve your circumstances with colleagues or a life coach. Tap into your creativity and ask yourself “what two steps could I take today to change my current situation”

Take Action and Be Resourceful

A circumstance can change by taking small baby steps to overcome the obstacles in front of you. Even when situations are difficult at times, you need to believe that you have the power to find the resources needed to make changes. That belief in yourself will give you the momentum to keep going.

Cultivate Awareness

Most people who suffer from a victim mentality construct narratives about how others are taking away their power. Get curious about what triggers this sense of powerlessness so you can stop the narrative in your head before it takes hold.

Redirect Your Focus

When you play the victim role and focus on your pain, you’re intensifying the suffering. Turn your attention to helping others — this will help you stop wallowing in your misery and instead, recognize that you have the power to make a difference.

Practice Gratitude

Victims focus on what’s wrong in their lives and things that they aren’t getting. You can flip the script in your head by practicing gratitude, which helps you shift your attention from what you don’t have to the beautiful things in front of you right now.

Remain Optimistic and Develop A Winner Mindset

No one else can label you a victim. Only you know how you see yourself. Remain optimistic and always see the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how grim things might look today.

Cultivating a winner’s mindset is the key to becoming a successful leader in your beauty business. As we have all learned during the past year, external circumstances can change on a dime. Those who were adaptive and resilient came out ahead. 

Many of our Esthetician Inner Circle members continue to take action and turn crises into opportunities — by having the right skillsets and a positive mindset, plus the support we all need to overcome business challenges.


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