Envision our esthetic industry…

Elevated. Empowered. United.

Imagine that consumers know exactly who we are as estheticians, what we do, and how we make a difference in their lives.

Picture our beauty industry as a strong sisterhood (and brotherhood) in which we come together to lift each other up because we’ve lifted ourselves up first…

…where we stand together as strong beauty bosses and show the world how we create magic that goes beyond skincare, waxing, and lashes.

What’s really happening in the treatment room? We’re inspiring. We’re building confidence. We’re de-stressing. We’re making people feel good about themselves so that they can shine in their own life.

We’re letting people know that it’s important to take time out for themselves.

We nurture. We give. We love. We share. We give some more.

It’s time for us to shine. It’s time to define our role as world-class estheticians, celebrate our genius, embrace our uniqueness, and step up to own the powerful impact we have on our clients.

It’s time to step up and be an Esthetician Boss.

To do so, we need a deep understanding of the business side of things so we can be as confident in running our businesses as we are in the treatment room.

We need to have a deep understanding of what it is we’re trying to build in our community and the strategy behind our message so that it rings loud and clear.

I believe we can elevate the esthetics industry through the power of learning effective leadership, marketing, and business skills. Together.

Build awareness in what we do. Educate the public so people understand the value in what we offer so that regular visits to an esthetician becomes part of the culture.

70% of estheticians are independent and 80% of them are struggling…

I get it! I get every ounce of your struggles…because I was there! When I graduated esthetics school, I was just like you. I was excited, nervous, had zero clients, and… I was clueless!

I wanted to work my magic on clients so they could feel beautiful, confident and empowered. I wanted to become a world-class esthetician.

And I did.

1 year later, I built a client-base of 300… with an ounce of smart, a pound of sound strategies and a ton of elbow grease.

Yep, 300 clients on my book from working in a department store spa.

I knew I wanted to own a spa, and I made it happen 6 years later.

Mind you, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Just like any other entrepreneurial journey, there were ups and downs. I made a lot of mistakes. A lot. But, I also made good choices. There were times of celebration and moments of utter despair.

Then, a tough divorce took me to Hawaii where I became an independent skincare sales rep. During this time, I had the opportunity to talk with many estheticians and spa owners. I’d even put aside the sales conversations and help them devise creative solutions for their business and marketing challenges. I was in my zone. This is what I love to do!

That’s when I realized the biggest impact I could make was to help you through coaching, workshops, and online business and marketing courses so you could feel confident and empowered growing your esthetic business. Getting “your business savvy on” contributes to elevating our industry.

What does it mean to be world-class?

It’s time to tap into our true genius – not just in the treatment room but to “rock it” as a small business owner. To understand how to build a solid business that generates a profit. I will teach you the foundational elements. I will teach you the strategies and systems to help you grow your business

It’s time to upgrade how we work “on the business” so we can elevate and redefine the esthetics industry as a whole.

Learning about business and marketing is about supporting what you want to create in your practice and how you want to show up in your community.

It’s my vision to help you become an elite esthetician business owner so you can have the impact you want in your community, and an income that supports you to live world-class.

It’s not all about money, but if you’re stressing all the time about not having enough clients and wondering if you can pay the bills on time, how can you focus on your vision?

Creativity needs space – it’s hard to come up with great ideas if you’re worrying about other things in your business. It’s near impossible!

To be a world-class business owner, you need a world-class mindset.

You can’t build an outer world that’s bigger than your inner world. In order to be world-class, we have to live world-class. We must walk the talk.

We need to be constantly learning and improving – in ourselves, business, marketing, and our craft – is a lifestyle.

You can’t help your clients become confident if you aren’t showing confidence in your business.

You can’t empower your clients if you aren’t empowered as an entrepreneur.

You can’t make your clients feel totally cared for if you aren’t taking care of your own well-being.

Leadership is about walking your talk.

Leadership is about embracing our humanity and being true to who we are. It’s about relating to those you lead and being there with them in the trenches.

It’s about BEING a leader, not talking about being a leader.

And that’s my vision – through sharing what I’ve learned during the 27 years in business to help you BE a leader in your life, for your clients, and in our industry.

We can’t make our clients understand the values we create for them (and therefore pay us generously for our services) if we don’t first recognize the values we create.

To step into this new breed of leadership, we need to build up your inner world and your outer environment. We need self-care, self-confidence, and self-empowerment before we can create the ripple effect we envision.

Blending the importance of personal growth and outer action, I’ve distilled years of experience into my proven process – the D.R.A.K.E. Approach:

  • Define

    Define- Internal Foundation Define

  • Ritualize

    Ritualize- Development of Success Habits

  • Act

    Take Action- Implementation of Systems & Programs

  • Know

    Stay Fueled- Fill Your Mind & Spirit

  • Excel

    Excel- Establish a Successful Esthetics Career


If you’re ready to put your vision into action, I personally invite you to join me at the Esthetician Business Academy in which you’ll find the support and resources you need to elevate your esthetician business and become a world-class entrepreneur.