The “Appreciation Challenge”: Add More Positivity Into Your Life


the appreciation challenge add more positivity into your life maxine drake consulting esthetician coach blogPeople, our businesses, and the world could use more appreciation. I invite you to a challenge! An appreciation challenge can add more positivity to your life as we continue to ride out this extraordinary time.

I’d love to challenge you to an appreciation exercise since the power of appreciation can have many positive effects on your wellbeing and happiness level.

Would you like to lift people up while elevating yourself?

The Power of Appreciation

People in our lives matter. Showing our appreciation can transform our relationships and create a positive impact on those around us, including ourselves.

There are many benefits when you express your appreciation, such as developing a positive mindset, improving your mood, and becoming more innovative.

Unfortunately, many people are caught up in their pursuit of success — forgetting to connect with those around them in a meaningful way.

Being appreciative can strengthen relationships, and inspire greatness in others. Let’s pay it forward!

Take on the “Appreciation Challenge”

Why wait to appreciate something or someone until it’s gone? The time to do so is now! Here’s an “appreciation challenge.” Let’s get started:

Accept Compliments

Have you noticed that when people give us a compliment, many of us tend to cut ourselves down or discredit the compliment altogether? Isn’t it weird? We’re conditioned to automatically sell ourselves short when others praise us! Stop!

When you compliment others, isn’t it nice when they accept the praise and say “thank you” with a big smile… instead of “rejecting it” with a negative comment about themselves?

Here’s the magic about showing appreciation — the giver and receiver both benefit from this act of kindness because it raises the serotonin levels in both people.

When you receive more praise, you also learn to give more of it. So go ahead, spread the love! The world needs more love, would you agree?

Appreciate Your Spouse and Family

Our spouse and family are the people who are closest to us. Let’s shower them with love and kindness.

During this trying time, stress can get the best of us. Let’s take a pause and appreciate what’s right in front of us.

Write an appreciation letter to your spouse and share at least 10 qualities you admire the most. Send a card to your sisters, brothers, parents, and grandparents — especially if you haven’t been able to see them for a while!

Appreciate Your Team Members and Employees

Team members and employees need to feel appreciated and valued in order to do their best work. Did you know that employees don’t usually leave the workplace for more pay? The number one reason people leave a job is that they don’t feel valued or appreciated.

While recognition and appreciation are cousins, they’re not the same. Recognition is based on results or performance and appreciation is about who someone is as a person.

Show that you value and care about your team. This is the key to improving employee productivity and loyalty. Showing appreciation may not come naturally to many of us and that’s ok.

In the beginning, set your calendar to remind yourself to appreciate each team member. Focus on what’s good and celebrate what you want to see more of.

Appreciate Your Clients

Your clients don’t just keep your lights on and pay your bills. They inspire you to become a better beauty professional. They cheer you along as you innovate new things into your practice. Your clients share your message with others which allows you to impact more people.

I love sending thank you cards to every new client. Sending these personal notes and showing clients that you appreciate them is powerful. You can also send thank you cards to existing clients throughout the year to show your appreciation, which is a great way to strengthen your bond.

Appreciate Yourself

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about yourself!

We need to step into our power to lead and inspire others. Take the time to write a little love note to yourself and highlight the things you appreciate about yourself.

Until we can appreciate who we are, we can’t fully and unconditionally appreciate others for who they are!

Share the love and share this blog! Comment below if you have anything to add. I’d love to hear from you.

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