Are You Ready to Reopen Your Beauty Business?


Are You Ready to Reopen Your Beauty Business?

As the nation is in various stages of reopening during the COVID-19 crisis, many beauty business owners are trying to do the right thing — for themselves, their companies, and their clients.

Some beauty businesses have reopened while others are waiting for the “all clear” from their state governments. You may be reluctant to reopen even if your state has given the green light…

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Or you could be anxiously waiting for your state to open because you are mentally and emotionally ready!

I understand the concerns on both sides. I have talked to many estheticians and beauty business owners lately. There’s a mix of emotions that goes deeper than the logistics of opening your doors.

Regardless of state regulations, the big question is — are you ready physically, emotionally, and mentally to reopen your business? What can you do to prepare?

There are many aspects to consider when reopening your beauty business and here are the key areas to focus on:

Get Your Physical Space Ready for Reopening

Ensure that your space and processes are compliant with your state’s regulations when you reopen your business. You should do the research, understand the new requirements, and update your standard operating procedures.

You need to have the right PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in place. At the very least, you should have enough masks, gloves, and sanitation supplies. Many estheticians and spa owners are considering face shields and mag lamp shields as an additional protective barrier between technicians and clients.

Incorporate Changes To Your Business Model

You might have made changes to your business model and marketing strategy during the pandemic to keep generating revenue. For example, you may be selling online, offering virtual consultations, or hosting webinars to reach new potential clients and generate sales.

Keep these new revenue sources as you transition back to servicing clients. Your online presence should be an integral part of your business model going forward — it’ll not only help you generate more revenue but also make your business more resilient to unexpected events.

Not to mention, you’ll have to make some scheduling changes to accommodate additional sanitization between clients. You’d likely be seeing fewer clients and generating less revenue from delivering treatments. Your virtual business model will keep your cash flow healthy and your income stable, so keep it up!

Be Emotionally Prepared for Reopening

This is a tough topic because there’s no “right” answer to how you should feel right now. Some people may be emotionally ready to reopen for weeks and are just waiting for the green light from the authorities while others may feel that their states are reopening too soon and they’re not ready to go back to work. Whatever your feeling is at the moment, it’s ok!

I have listened to many stories over the past month and I respect how you feel about the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember, no one can tell you what to do. You have to decide what is best for you and your family. Your reopening date is your choice. Don’t let anyone shame or pressure you into doing it one way or the other.

Cultivate a Positive State of Mind

You’re the expert and your clients will follow your lead. The positive energy you project will help clients feel comfortable coming back to your practice. Therefore, you need to gear up mentally and have a positive mindset when you reopen.

Be a positive force and light for your clients. When they walk into the treatment room, they should feel reassured that you have the right procedures in place to keep them safe. Our clients trust us so it’s important that you remain calm and confident during all new changes.

Reopen Your Beauty Business With Procedures

There are many things to juggle as you reopen your business. Some of them are personal choices that require careful deliberation while others, such as writing up a new standard operating procedure, are rather universal.

To ease the transition, we have created a done-for-you 10-page Reopening Standard Operating Procedure template you can download. It’ll save you time and energy so you can focus on what matters to you as an individual beauty business owner.

The template is available exclusively to our Esthetician Inner Circle Members and you can get it here now.

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