Beauty Business Summit: The Original Luxury Event

2019 Beauty Business Summit Group Photo

The Beauty Business Summit is an event we’ve all longed for. Attention to detail, class, and quality education.

Even though it’s just our third year, the Beauty Business Summit has become one of the most sought-after events to attend for licensed beauty professionals.

It’s regarded as a one-of-a-kind conference and has been coined “a luxury event.”

The Evolution of the “Luxury” Experience

BBS - Luxury EventOriginally, the Beauty Business Summit’s mission was to bring licensed beauty professionals together to learn and grow. I wanted to create a nurturing space to support each other and reward the next generation of beauty industry leaders. A way to collectively take our profession to a higher level.

We gifted 100% of the proceeds from the event to a beauty school dedicated to making positive changes in their school. The school that went home with $10,000 demonstrated the greatest leadership.

There’s a lot of attention to detail as we considered every aspect of the attendees’ experience when organizing BBS. What makes the Summit “luxurious” has nothing to do with the décor, the food, or the swag.

Luxury used to mean “overt displays of wealth.”

The concept of “luxury” has changed over time and the Summit represents the new definition.

The ultimate luxury is about having the ability to do what truly brings us joy. It’s also about having the freedom to decide how you spend your time. It’s about having “rich conversations” and developing “meaningful relationships.”

“Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality.”
~ Angelo Bonati.

What Makes the Beauty Business Summit a Truly Luxurious Event

Many beauty professionals aspire to deliver a truly luxurious experience for their clients.

Get inspired through the Summit experience on what it means to create a “luxurious” experience:

The Beauty Business Summit is Original

The Beauty Business Summit has a one-of-a-kind format but its orchestration is also driven by a unique intention.

No one has attempted to bring heart-centered beauty industry experts together on the same stage to educate the next generation of leaders. This is the first event designed to bring licensed beauty professionals together to create something bigger by paying it forward to beauty schools.

BBS Attendees Talking

We come together to show that we stand for collaboration over competition, and we focus on giving and serving. We create “human moments” that continue to live on well after the Summit has ended.

The Beauty Business Summit is Exclusive

A while ago, I was interviewed by Daniela Woerner, creator of “Spa Marketing Made Easy”. Daniela asked me where I envision BBS heading in the future. I said it’s going to be a VIP event.

Although it’s tempting to make Summit as “big” as possible, it’s never been my vision or intention. I want each attendee to feel special, elevated, and uniquely inspired. You can’t do that if you grow too big.

The intimacy and exclusivity are the reasons why attendees keep coming back. Not to mention, the killer content! As a result, many participants purchased next year’s ticket before they left the event.

BBS sponsors also love exclusivity. We kept the number of sponsors to just a handful to avoid the “trade show feel”.  Each sponsor has the opportunity to showcase products and truly connect with attendees.

Consequently, I call the “Experience Beauty” section the “un-booths.” (I like to make up words! ☺)

BBS - Demo From SponsorThe sponsors drawn to the Summit believe in the mission to help licensed beauty professionals become better business owners. Our sponsors love the pay-it-forward concept to reward leadership within a beauty school. They feel honored to be a part of the initial beauty school voting process and being aligned with creating positive change in the industry.

The Beauty Business Summit is High-Quality

Over and over, we hear attendees say, “Wow. The quality of the speakers is amazing. The content is stellar. BBS exceeded my expectations.”

High quality to me means exceeding expectations. Above all, we believe in delivering a world-class experience so attendees are inspired to go home and deliver even more value to their clients than before.

The Beauty Business Summit has a contagious positive effect.

Driven by positive intention, we strive to over-deliver because we believe that there’s always room for growth. In fact, we dedicated to improve and deliver more value year after year.

People commented, “Maxine, this years’ Summit was even better than last year. You always bring it. How much more can you add?” To that, I replied, “I have a full year to figure it out!” 😉

I am optimistic and I love creating new, unique experiences for people. Creating magic moments makes people feel good. It’s important not to become stagnant if you want to deliver the highest quality service and experience!

Ready For Your Luxury Summit Experience?

You bet we’re already hard at work putting together next year’s Beauty Business Summit! We suggest that you secure your seat! We anticipate selling out AGAIN!

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