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Elevate Your Esthetician Business At A Live Workshop

If you are an esthetician feeling frustrated about the best methods to take to grow your business then this blog post is for you. Do you struggle with attracting the right clients? Feel confused when it comes to marketing? Unsure of how to truly grow a lucrative practice? Not sure where to start or what to do in marketing? Do you have a love/hate relationship with social media? Are you good at gaining client referrals but unsure how to reach other potential clients in your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions – get to the next workshop fast!

Hi, I’m Maxine Drake and I was recently inspired by the Barbra Streisand song “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough”.

Being good isn’t good enough
Being good won’t be good enough
When I fly, I must fly extra high
And I’ll need special wings so far to go
From so far below

This really resonates with me in today’s world where being good at your job doesn’t always mean you will be successful, or that you will reach your revenue goals. There is a lot of competition for today’s professional esthetician not to mention constant changes in the beauty industry and the way we do business.

Sometimes being good means you are just getting by. This may feel frustrating as you work hard and still struggle to meet your income goals. What you may not realize is that success is within arm’s reach, and all that you need is fresh knowledge and encouragement to put you on the success track- you don’t have to do it alone! And you shouldn’t build your business alone!

Meet Maxine Drake

Maxine Drake is the developer of the unique and proven D.R.A.K.E.© approach taught in the Esthetician Business Academy™, the Esthetician Inner Circle Membership™ , and the Elite Esthetician VIP Coaching Program™ system that combines foundational business and marketing success formulas to increase revenues within a spa business. The main focus is to help estheticians develop leadership skills, learn business and marketing stratagies to become more profitable . All educational systems, programs, and way of life practices help establish a solid business foundation which is both empowering and financially rewarding to estheticians.

Maxine Drake is the only coach in the esthetics business with the developed and proven D.R.A.K.E© approach.

D. – Define: Internal Foundation Defined

R. – Ritualize: Development of Success Habits

A. – Act: Implementation of Systems & Programs

K. – Know: Keep Innovation Alive

E. – Establish: Establish a Successful Esthetics Career

Abundant Esthetician Business and Marketing Workshop

The Abundant Esthetician Workshop was created for you – the heart-centered esthetician. Join Maxine to unlock your brilliance and reach paramount levels of prosperity and happiness. In this workshop you will learn simple techniques to:

○ Find your branding voice and reach potential clients in your community.

○ Learn how the six dimensions of wealth affect your bottom line and what you can do to improve each one.

○ Clearly define your target audience and understand HOW to market effectively.

○ Learn how to leverage social media and other marketing platforms to gain new clients.

Maxine Drake Client Testimonials

“This class is a MUST TAKE! I took Maxine’s class in NY and she really not only motivated me, but gave me the tools to increase business, self-esteem, face my challenges and just feel really good about me and my esthetic business. The wonderful thing about Maxine is she helps you with your personal business challenges; not only general concerns. I met some really great esties that I have stayed in touch with. Maxine continues to check in and has this incredible skill of remembering all the details about YOU! Whatever problems you have, she has a solutions. What a gift! I’d advize that wherever you are located, get a bunch of colleagues together and increase your business! Clearly I am a fan and believer but that’s because what her class and coaching worked! Good luck everyone!” – Rose L.

“The Abundant Esthetician workshop was packed with so much useful information I can start implementing into my business today! The workshop swag is awesome thank you Maxine you have the best vendors. Feeling grateful and empowered.” – Lori A.

We believe that learning is the #1 most important factor to an esthetician’s success in business and in life. We invite you to learn and grow with us to see that The Results are Clear.©

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