Client Retention - 3 examples to gain and keep clients

3 Ways To Build Clientele – In Your Esthetician or Spa Business

Client building is the most common challenge I hear amongst estheticians. This article is part 2 of a series based on ways to build clientele to boost your business. In this post, we offer 3 simple ways to help you build clientele and keep that momentum going.

In the previous article, we discussed how networking is one of the most effective and affordable ways for estheticians to meet new clients and build clientele.

You can read part 1 here  to learn how to use networking to help you build your spa business.

Liz Steffen, the owner of Vanilla Sugar Face and Body , will be one of the keynote speakers at the Beauty Business Summit – 2 Day Event, which is happening October 14 and 15, 2018 in Hawaii!

Today, we’ll discuss how to create a client-attractive website for your esthetician and spa business. Then, we’ll cover how to use reviews to build your client base, and how to effectively follow up to keep your clients.

Ready for some “from the trenches” client-building tips? Let’s dig in!


1. Create a Client-Attractive Website To Build Clientele

Having a website is non-negotiable these days, even for local businesses serving a local clientele.

Your website doesn’t need all the bells and whistles but should be easy-to-use and professional.

Here’s some essential information to include:

  • A homepage that announces any special event or features, a free opt-in (e.g., a digital guide) to grow your email list.
  • An about page that tells your story to develop a personal connection with visitors and also shares your experience to communicate credibility.
  • A service page that positions your offerings in a way that speaks to your ideal clients’ pain points and desires. Include a link to your online booking system if you use one.
  • A contact page with your location and phone number, as well as a contact form and social media links.

You can also include a section that directs visitors to check out reviews about your business on other websites and directories, such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

Linking out to these review sites can help you not only increase engagement but also build trust and boost credibility.

After reading a few amazing reviews, your potential clients are likely come back to your website (because you’ve put your URL on those review sites, right?) to learn more about you and book and appointments. Bam!

Having an amazing website is only one piece of the client building puzzle. You need to get out there and drive traffic to your website and one strategic way to do that is with client reviews…


2. Build Your Credibility With Online Reviews

According to a survey, 90% of participants are influenced by positive online reviews. People trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends.

Not to mention, online reviews boost your local SEO. Score!

Online reviews are critical in helping you build a clientele and gain awareness in your community.

Here’s how to make the most out of such powerful user-generated content:

  • Set up profiles on multiple review sites and local directories on which people tend to search for spas or estheticians.
  • Get more reviews by asking your clients to post one. Don’t be shy! If you provide an excellent service, clients are typically more than happy to share their experiences. All we have to do is ask!
  • Make it easy for clients to post a review by sharing direct links to your company profile on the review sites. Besides posting these links on your website, you can also send them in a follow-up email.
  • Incentivize your clients to leave reviews. For instance, a monthly giveaway in which you choose one reviewer at random to receive a small gift. Just make sure your offer is for writing a review and not for writing a good review as most sites have rules against “buying” reviews.
  • Respond to every review – when people see that you take your clients’ input seriously they’re more likely to trust you. When responding to negative reviews, make sure to do so professionally.


3. Follow Up If You Want Repeat Clients

Not only is it more cost-effective to retain current clients than to acquire new ones but repeat clients are also more likely to purchase more expensive treatments.

To retain more clients, create a follow-up system so you can reach out to those who haven’t booked an appointment for a while.

In this day and age where everyone is inundated with digital communications, a postcard in the mail gets you noticed. For example, Liz mails out postcards with a special offer to clients who haven’t made an appointment for three months.

If you have a list of over 100 people, it’s often cheaper and more efficient to “outsource” the mailing to a local vendor who can print and send the postcards for you. All you need to do is to give them the content and they’ll do the rest.

We also recommend sending out an email  every other week to stay in touch with your list of clients and potential clients.

Liz likes to mail out special offers to clients on their birthday to entice them to visit her spa. Just offering a $10 or $15 gift card can help you reactivate lapsed clients and build loyalty.

Last but not least, send a handwritten thank you note to your clients after their visit.

Bonus Tip – It’s All About the Client Experience

Regardless of which strategy you use to build clientele, let’s not forget that client retention is vital to your spa business. We must continue to build trust and deliver an outstanding client experience every single appointment to keep clients coming back again and again.

People come to us because they want results. You have to make sure everything from booking an appointment to posting a review, to receiving a service from you, that you are creating an amazing client experience.


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