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Build an Esthetics Business Model that Will Yield Profits

Job Vs. Career Vs. Calling

Turn Your Calling into a Successful Business

Do you work a job, have a career, or is esthetics your calling? This is an important question to ask yourself as the answer could have a major impact on your future success.

Does it feel like you are just working a job?  Jobs tend to be work we take on in order to pay bills and offers very little fulfillment. A job usually means there is no true connection to your workplace. It feels more like a means to an end, or going through the motions to collect a paycheck.

Do you have a career in esthetics? While there is more focus on advancement and earning titles in a career, you may not feel as fulfilled or rewarded if you are in the wrong place. It’s easier to fall into complacency and potentially become bored.

Is esthetics your calling? A calling is a path which allows you to get paid for your skills AND indulge in self expression. It allows you to play in your creativity, explore further talents, and deepen your passion for your craft. Your calling is an integral part of who you are as a person and feels more meaningful because you know that what you do is your life purpose.  When you are living your life purpose, you are more engaged and experience greater happiness. Your passion allows you to tap into resources you didn’t even know existed, allowing for greater chances of achieving success as an Esthetician and in Life.

How to Build an Esthetics Business Model that Will Yield Profits

1) Harness your Confidence: It takes courage and mental toughness to be an entrepreneur. Building a business is not an easy feat. Whether you are taking a workshop, networking, meeting with clients for the first time, or applying for a business loan, before you do anything with your business, harness your confidence.

○ Remind yourself why you love being an Esthetician and that you are unique and amazing.
○ Take a minute for some Power Poses.
○ Review Business Inspiration for Estheticians.

Not only will acting with confidence make you feel better, your potential clients and peers will notice.

2) Wow your clients: Want to create a faithful clientele base? Do more than what you are paid to do. Be a merchant of “Wow”. Anyone can deliver average or mediocre service, but when you wow a client, not only will they return again and again, referrals will follow.

3) Keep innovation alive: Never stop learning. You never know where that next big idea will come from. Attend conventions, go to workshops, listen to podcasts and read blogs , follow thought leaders on Instagram, talk shop with your mentors. The marketplace rewards new solutions to old problems.

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4) Sell retail: Imagine if you had 40-50% retail to gross ratios month after month. That means 40-50% of all revenue coming into your spa business is from retail sales. There are only so many hours in the day – service dollars won’t yield as much profit in a spa business. If you create a business in which your retail numbers grow to match or exceed your service dollars, your profits will soar.

Having trouble selling retail? Contact me! This is not an area you can afford to be weak in. Having strong retail sales is vital for the health of your business.

Bonus Tip: If you fall down, get back up. Failure is just part of the learning process.

A successful business model in Esthetics includes confidence, wow, innovation, and retail. Want to learn more? Get started on your path to creating the successful business you deserve!

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