Beauty Business Marketing During COVID-19

beauty business marketing during covid-19 Marketing your beauty business is still essential even though you may not be servicing clients during the COVID-19 shutdown. Use this downtime to market your business and continue to nurture relationships with your clients. 

If you continue to market your beauty business now, you’ll be top of mind when businesses begin to open. You want your appointment books filled (as much as possible) when you’re able to service clients again.

However, marketing under today’s unique circumstances isn’t business as usual, especially for the beauty industry. More people are turning to online channels to stay connected during this isolating time. 

People are paying attention so be mindful of your attitude and behavior during COVID-19 as this becomes your marketing message.

Your clients or potential clients are watching — more than ever. Everything you do in the virtual world counts. What you say and do on social channels during this current state is a reflection of your brand value

COVID-19 will change how we conduct business going forward and everything you do and say now will have an impact on your practice. How are you showing up? Are you a calm, positive leader or an alarmist? What does your marketing message say about you?

How To Market Your Business During COVID-19 

Your marketing message is key during COVID-19.

During this uncertain and stressful time, it’s important to speak to your clients’ emotional needs. Your marketing campaigns and messages should be sensitive to what your audience may be going through.

You may have had marketing campaigns scheduled before the Coronavirus hit. Put them on hold and speak to the situation at hand. For example, we had to shift and pivot our marketing efforts on upcoming webinars, promotions, and blogs. 

As you shift your marketing efforts, pay attention to the sentiment in your community, and remain compassionate in your posts. Remember that you’re a leader in your business and for your clients. As people are feeling vulnerable, it’s time to step up and be the voice of reason for your clients. Be calm and stay positive — calm is the new contagion!

Since most people are connecting online, use this opportunity to leverage social media and other digital marketing channels to cultivate trust and strengthen relationships with your audience. 

Post content that resonates with your followers — for example, many are homeschooling their children during this shutdown. If you’re in the same boat, you can build rapport by sharing your own experience or relevant resources to establish a common ground. 

Also, check-in with your clients individually. You have the time and they would love to hear from you. Most estheticians are very close to their clients so it isn’t “just a business” relationship. 

We have developed true friendships so it wouldn’t be unnatural to pick up the phone to see how your clients are doing during this pandemic. We are all going a little stir-crazy.

Meanwhile, estheticians and spa owners are exploring new ways to generate income without physically seeing clients. Many offer retail products or modalities to their clients virtually. This will allow you to continue to help your clients achieve their skin goals and maintain your relationships.

If you need guidance or are unsure what to do during COVID-19, I have created an Esthetician Survival checklist here.

Proactive Beauty Business Marketing with EIC Membership

I’m grateful and inspired by the Inner Circle members during this challenging time. Every day we are taking positive action steps to explore new ways of doing business, such as monetizing Facebook groups and delivering impactful webinars.

Some members are generating $2,000 plus revenue a week in e-commerce retail sales! We are celebrating and practicing gratitude for even the smallest wins. 

Many members are taking this time to re-brand and/or create other streams of revenue, and are preparing to take their business to the next level when COVID-19 is over.

We are staying focused and learning how to monetize virtually. beauty business coaching maxine drake esthetician inner circle membership button

This is the time to get incredibly creative and innovate our businesses. It’s crucial to have the right support during a crisis than at any time in business and I’m proud that we can come together to be there for each other.

Learn with us in our affordable business and marketing membership. You still have the ability to earn money working from home!

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