How To Create a Profitable Environment for Your Esthetician Business (Part 2 of 2)

In the last installment of this series, we talked about how to create a supportive work environment for your esthetician business by building relationships with those around you.

Unfortunately, not every situation can be remedied by good networking.

There are times when you need to recognize the signs and make the decision to relocate your business:

One esthetician was in tears by the time she reached out to me for coaching. She rented a room inside of a salon and the first words out of her mouth were, “This owner is crazy!”

She continued to tell me, “the owner treated people poorly and was always in a bad mood. You didn’t know what you are walking into on any given day and that’s incredibly stressful.”

The owner’s behavior was not just affecting my client’s emotional health. It actually had a negative impact on her business because her clients didn’t want to come back.

I said, “Did you recognize any signs before you agreed to rent?” She said yes, but the rent was cheap and she couldn’t afford an alternative. I hear this same story a lot!

When you start to lose clients (and revenue), when the environment is affecting you and your family, it’s time to make some changes.

However, it’s not as simple as pack up your bag and go.

Anytime you move your spa practice, there’s a risk of losing​ 30-40% of your clients. Of course, that’s scary!

You could feel a sense of loss or vulnerability. You may find the uncertainty daunting. You may wonder how you’re going to make ends meet for the first few months as you establish your presence.

Sure, all these are true. However, if you don’t take action you’ll continue to not only lose clients but also let the toxic environment eat at your physical and emotional health.

If you plan your relocation strategically, and take the following steps to transition your business and clients, you can minimize the impact of your move:

  1. Update Your Client List

Make sure you have a client list with up-to-date contact information.

If you’ve been depending on your current venue (e.g. a spa or wellness center) for marketing and promotion, it’s time to gather your clients’ contact information and start building your own mailing list so you can stay in touch with email marketing.

  1. Email Your Clients

Give your current clients a heads up that you’ll be moving.

Communicate your excitement about the change, and build anticipation by sharing how the new venue will allow you to provide even better service to them.

  1. Call Your Loyal Clients

It may not be practical to call every single person who has used your services. You can, however, identify those who frequent your business and give them a call to share the news personally.

This will not only ensure that they get the update but also give you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with them.

  1. Tell Your Clients At Their Appointment

Don’t forget to tell your clients when they come in for their appointments!

Consider making a stack of postcards to announce the relocation, and include information such as your new address and your moving date.

  1. Offer an Incentive

Some clients choose their spa out of habit. To break the inertia and entice them to try out your new space, you can offer them an incentive such as a special offer (which you can position as a “new location promotion), a free product when they purchase a package, or free additional service when they purchase a package.

You can announce the offer via email, tell your clients over the phone or during their appointments.

Add urgency to the offer by including a deadline – you will not only entice them to try out your new venue but also attract the foot traffic so critical to building momentum when you start out at a new location.

  1. Follow Up

Those clients you called before you moved? Did they come to your new location?

If you don’t see them in a couple of months, pick up the phone and follow up with them. See if they want to give your new location a try and entice them with a timely offer.

Getting out of a toxic work environment is essential for your wellbeing and the health of your business. Just make sure you consider all angles and orchestrate your exit carefully to ensure a smooth transition.

Getting out of a toxic work environment is essential for your well-being & the health of your business. Share on X

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