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Esthetician Creed FREE Printable Download

The Esthetician Creed is a powerful reminder of your commitment to your clients and your profession. It highlights the values and principles that make estheticians such an important part of the beauty industry.

A beautiful reminder of your love for your profession, your clients, and your commitment to providing exceptional services:

  • Print-quality download in standard letter size and poster size
  • Stay motivated & inspired throughout your day
  • Constant reminder of your values & principles
  • Stay motivated and inspired 
  • Elevate your brand, inspire trust, and build credibility

The Esthetician Creed is a simple, yet powerful way to stay connected to your purpose and showcase your dedication to your clients and profession. 


Maxine Drake
When spa owners are profitable doing what they love, the industry bar is energetically raised!

Maxine is a Gallup-trained Strengths Coach, who helps estheticians build, grow, and scale their spa business by assisting to discover and foster their own unique talents.

As a former spa owner and director of sales for a global skincare brand, Maxine Drake understands the esthetics industry from all angles.

If you’re a spa owner looking to accelerate your business, or you need help starting out as a solo esthetician, you’ve come to the right place.

Maxine’s top 5 Clifton Strengths are: Individualization, Connectedness, Activator, Ideation, and Learner (also known as her super-powers!)

Maxine will help you flourish by aiding you to focus on doing more of what you naturally do best. She will help you to understand your strengths and blind spots and how to manage them more effectively. She is also a phenomenal brainstorming partner who boldly shares ideas and insights.

After 30-plus years in the esthetics industry, Maxine has helped hundreds of estheticians develop a clear marketing message, own their niche, and win more high-value clients.

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