Earn 6 figures as an esthetician

Earn Six Figures As an Esthetician Without Wear And Tear On Your Body

[md-blog-header]Earn 6 figures as an estheticianYou don’t have to cause wear and tear on your body in order to earn six figures as an esthetician.

Working as an esthetician can be physically demanding which takes a toll on your body. That demand can limit how many clients you serve on a daily basis and how much revenue you’re able to generate.

Let’s discuss ways to earn six figures as an esthetician without the wear and tear.

That’s right… More clients, more freedom, and more profits!

Work smarter not harder while earning more as an esthetician

Whether you’re a brand new esthetician or a seasoned esthetician, it’s important to keep an eye out for opportunities that improve your business model for a better quality of life.

I  coach esthetician owners to consider offering high-end treatments with a VIP guest experience.  It’s a magical combination that helps increase profits without increasing your workload.

What’s the best way to add high-end services to your esthetician business?

The key is to offer a service that has a high perceived value such as hydrafacial or microcurrent. A treatment that is best delivered as a series or package, allowing for residual income.

I am talking about selling more high-end packages and generating more recurring revenue while keeping your overhead low to increase profits.

Sounds too good to be true? Except it’s not! Read on!

Where do Estheticians Make the Most?

When it comes to making the most as an esthetician, the more services you specialize in, the better. Services such as eyelashes, microblading, and waxing can help your earnings significantly. It also helps to do research on trending services that are in demand, bringing in more business. 

You’ll also want to do market research on which esthetic businesses make more. For example, you’ll typically make more work as a medical spa esthetician, rather than a day spa esthetician. However, the best way to ensure you’re making six figures is to work for yourself. This way you can be in control of your pricing, services, and more. Just like most businesses, the higher-end your services are, the more you can charge. 

Earn Six Figures With High-End Treatments

There is a high-end treatment that can help you earn six figures easily. I hosted a webinar with Char Fontanills, CEO of Confidence By Char and the creator of the microcurrent body device. This high-end treatment the benefits of microcurrent, specifically, microcurrent for the body. 

You can easily earn six figures without the physical demand on your body. 

Offering the body microcurrent modality in your esthetician practice is a fast way to increase revenue, while helping clients get what they want. As a business coach, I love helping beauty business owners improve their business model and put more money in their pockets! It gets me fired up!

Quick overview of the microcurrent body device

The microcurrent body device is a muscle toning and detox modlity designed to support the body holistically. I had one 45-minute treatment which we focused on the midsection of my body (stomach area.) I wasn’t expecting to see big changes but I was blown away by the results! 

The process involves placing conductive pads strategically on the treatment area. Low-level current flows through the pads to stimulate the muscles. I felt like I was doing ab crunches for 45 minutes straight! I wasn’t expecting a butt lift either!

No wonder the microcurrent body device is gaining popularity! Hundreds of esthetician owners are experiencing substantial business growth! Woot!

Your clients come to you for stellar results and most people want to see significant and immediate improvements. The micocurrent body device delivers tangible results to give your clients the instant gratification they want. Profound results helps build residual income in your esthetician practice.

Make 6 Figures With The Microcurrent Body Device

The body device is a high-end treatment that allows you to charge top dollar., helping you reach six figures faster. A single session can be sold for as much as $350. Clients will achieve the best results when they receive a series of 8 to 20 treatments. If you do the math, it’s obvious that it wouldn’t take many clients for you to reach a 6-figure income!

Secondly, you can hook up two clients at the same time to the microcurrent body device. This gives you the perfect opportunity to promote a “bring a friend” offer so your clients can get in shape together with their besties. This will not only generate more revenue right away, it  can also help expand your client base.

The microcurren body device is like your new employee because you can run it while you do other things in your business, such as servicing other clients. You can have a team member trained and certified through the company to operate the machine, instead of hiring a licensed professional to deliver treatments. 

This means more profits for you.

The microcurrent body device is a game-changer for solo estheticians who want to keep their business streamlined and the payroll cost down while earning an additional 6-figure income!

Next Steps: Free Training for Estheticians

Change the way you run your business by adopting a million-dollar mindset. 💫

It’s not your fault, we aren’t taught savvy business skills in esthetics school.

If anything, we are taught to undervalue ourselves with low student pricing.

That’s why I’ve created this video training for spa owners. Click below for instant access. 

7 steps to 7 figures for estheticians free training

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  1. I am very interested. I am starting Esthetician school in December and will be taking any advance courses out there. I currently live in Colorado but looking to move to Georgia in 2025. I am very interested in the body current and mentoring. Thank you!

  2. Hello, I had opened up a med spa with a friend and had to cut my losses as my business partner / “friend” screwed me over and now I am back in square one renting a space. I want to get back on track and when I am ready I plan to open up a spa on my own. I definitely am interested in the Microcurrent body machine!

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