Meet the Team of Professionals who are Dedicated to Helping your Esthetics Business Grow

Our mission? To empower you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to succeed. With decades of combined experience in business development, online marketing, spa management, and skincare education, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.


Founder & CEO

Maxine Drake brings a wealth of experience from her roles as a spa owner and global skincare sales director. She understands the esthetics industry inside and out and is dedicated to helping beauty business owners thrive.

Her coaching programs include VIP 1:1 Coaching, The Empowered Esthetician Mastermind, The Esthetician Inner Circle, and Outsourcing Pro, plus several standalone courses. Maxine's approach is all about leveraging your unique strengths and providing practical, actionable advice.

As a Gallup-trained Strengths Coach, Maxine excels in helping estheticians discover and nurture their talents. Her top strengths are Individualization, Connectedness, Activator, Ideation, and Learner. Over her 30-plus years in the industry, Maxine has helped hundreds of estheticians refine their marketing, define their niche, and attract high-value clients.

Maxine is also the founder of the Beauty Business Summit and a published author. Outside of her professional life, she is passionate about dog training and enjoys spending time with her Belgian Malinois.

Whether you're a spa owner looking to accelerate your business or a solo esthetician just starting out, Maxine is here to support and guide you every step of the way.


Esthetician Career Coach

Rebekah brings over 28 years of experience in the esthetics field, from luxury resorts and medical clinics to running her own wellness center and leading teams.

Outside of her professional life, Rebekah has an adventurous spirit. She has performed as a singer with the Colorado Children's Chorale, Central City Opera, and New York City Opera, even singing for a former president.

After the loss of her husband of 23 years, Rebekah returned to her home state of Colorado. She is now dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams and goals, using her extensive skills and experience.

Her hobbies include acting in community theater, painting, fly fishing, reading, and traveling. Rebekah's diverse talents and passion for wellness make her an invaluable part of our team.


Business Development Coach

Davianne Beepot is a licensed esthetician with over a decade of experience in the wellness industry. She has successfully owned and operated several large spas and served as a business development manager and sales representative for major skincare brands.

Despite personal challenges, including becoming a widow and raising three boys, Davianne has shown remarkable resilience and dedication.

Her philanthropic efforts have helped many spas and resorts succeed. As an advanced educator, Davianne shares her knowledge to inspire upcoming professionals.

Outside of work, she enjoys workouts, ballroom dancing, and spending time with family and friends.


Digital Marketing Expert & Delegation Strategist

Jeremy Kenerson has been an internet marketing veteran since 2009. He initially led sales at Infusionsoft, now Keap, before founding a digital agency in 2013.

Jeremy specializes in optimizing beauty businesses using SEO, social media, paid ads, and Infusionsoft's CRM for automation and reporting.

Jeremy is married and a proud dad. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and exploring new technologies. Jeremy’s partnership with Maxine is rooted in their shared commitment to client-centric solutions, helping spa business owners optimize operations through effective outsourcing strategies.


Client Experience Specialist

Amber Khokar brings a unique blend of legal and marketing expertise to our team. Her background in legal affairs, combined with her marketing skills, makes her a valuable asset in providing comprehensive support to beauty professionals.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Amber is committed to helping our community members reach their goals and aspirations. Her insights and strategies are designed to enrich our collective experience and propel your business forward. Amber's dedication and knowledge ensure that you receive the best possible guidance and support.


Technology Trainer & Support Lead

Rita has been a vital part of the Maxine Drake Coaching and Consulting team since 2019.

With over a decade of experience in direct sales and marketing before transitioning to the online world in 2015, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our community. Rita loves all things related to sales funnels, email marketing, and technology.

She leads our monthly "Tech Talk" training sessions, focusing on automations, SEO, and ChatGPT. Rita also provides tech and client support, ensuring our members stay on track and accountable.

Living in Louisiana, Rita is a mom of boys and enjoys cooking, beach trips, and spending time with her two dogs and husband.


Client Care & Support

Kyrah is our dedicated Client Care Specialist, ensuring smooth operations and excellent support for our clients. She handles client support calls and keeps everything running efficiently behind the scenes.

As a mom and wife, Kyrah skillfully manages her professional and personal responsibilities. She enjoys traveling and has a loves learning new technology and design skills.

Kyrah's commitment to client satisfaction and her ability to manage details make her an invaluable part of our team.



Our coaching approach is personalized and practical, focusing on helping estheticians and spa owners develop and grow their businesses.

We leverage our extensive industry experience to provide actionable strategies that drive real results.


We are committed to client success through integrity, empowerment, and continuous learning. Our core values include dedication, innovation, and a client-centric mindset, ensuring that every client receives the support and guidance they need to thrive.

Maxine Drake Testimonial - Lindy
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Maxine gave me so much information and tips on how to expand my business and really helped me to target my ideal client. Her approach to marketing is brilliant and easy to understand and follow. I have no doubt my business will increase after implementing her strategies.


Maxine is a fantastic coach! If you are an Esthetician in need of business guidance and support to grow your practice, the Esthetician Inner Circle is the perfect place to find the support you’re looking for. Maxine’s positive attitude and knowledge, combined with support and idea sharing from like-minded professionals in our industry, is invaluable. I highly recommend Maxine and the Esthetician Inner Circle!

teri kotantoulas

shawna pelton - maxine drake esthetician coach testimonial

I’ve had the privilege of knowing & working with Maxine for 12 years now and have found myself saying on many occasions “she is consistently incredible”. A wealthy source of knowledge in addition to being on point, generous, kind & attentive, Maxine is a true professional with so much to offer.