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7 Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Estheticians And Spa Owners

As an esthetician or spa owner, you know how important it is to market your business. How do you know what to do and what not to do when marketing your spa business? Avoid these few common marketing mistakes and you will be ahead of the game – and your competition.

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. No magic bullet. More importantly, there is no one thing that will ensure success for your esthetic business. We must constantly be testing and measuring our marketing efforts.

Let’s cover some fundamental mistakes you want to avoid making to ensure the time and resources you spend on marketing pays off:

Marketing Mistake #1: Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

Or, more technically speaking, not having a business plan or business map.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned esthetician, you never want to wing it.

Having a business plan will help you get clear on what you want and it will help you get focused and organized.

Stop flying by the seat of your pants. Get yourself a business plan. Share on X

Write down your goals and ideas so you can see how all the pieces fit together. Set milestones to help you measure success and fine-tune your strategies.

When you have a plan, you can design a business model to help you leverage your strengths and do what you love.

Marketing Mistake #2: Opening a Business Right Out of School

Most estheticians that are fresh out of school lack the capital, network, and experience to run their own businesses.

Now, I am not trying to belittle your ambitions – I just want you to think this through. Stay with me!

I often encourage new estheticians to work for someone initially – to bank some money, get some experience, and gain the confidence – before venturing out on their own.

You’ll learn how to work with clients and grow your book of business. You’ll be able to focus on refining your craft rather than worrying about business operations like inventory, renting an office, or hiring a team.

When I first graduated from esthetician school, I worked at a department store’s spa and built a 300-clientele base in less than a year.

Don’t be impatient building your business. It will not unfold overnight. Building a business takes T I M E!

Building a business doesn't happen overnight - be patient with yourself. Share on X

Enjoy the process of learning about the business side of things so when it’s your turn to open your own, you’ll be ready!

Marketing Mistake #3: Not Having a Professional Website

Just because you work with clients locally doesn’t mean you can get sloppy about your online presence.

Most potential clients will look you up online before making an appointment. Your website needs to deliver a first impression that inspires trust and confidence.

That said, your website doesn’t have to be perfect – it just needs to look clean and professional.

You can keep it simple by starting out with a home page, an about page, a service page, and a contact page. Eventually, you should add a blog and an FAQ page.

If you’re on a tight budget, ASCP offers free websites. If you’re a DIY kind of gal, Wix is an easy-to-use website building tool.

You can also hire someone to set up a website for you on WordPress or Squarespace – these platforms allow you to easily manage your website content by yourself.

Marketing Mistake #4: Not Aligning Yourself With a Coach or Mentor

One way to work smarter and not harder is to learn from those who have “been there, done that.”

Working with a mentor or a coach can help you achieve your goals faster and easier. You can’t build your business alone.

There’re many great programs out there but one size doesn’t fit all.

To get the most out of your coaching or mentoring relationship, you need to seek guidance from someone with whom you resonate.

Different coaches have different strengths and specialties. To make sure you find the right fit, you need to get clear on what you want to gain from the relationship.

Marketing Mistake #5: Wasting Money on Bright Shiny Objects

If you have a closet full of modalities that you never used, it’s time to get smart.

Successful entrepreneurs invest in tools and resources that help them move the needle in the business.

When you invest money on your business – whether it’s hiring a team member, buying a piece of equipment, getting certified, or attending a conference – make sure you’ll get a decent ROI (return on investment.)

When you’re about to make a purchase, revisit your business plan and consider:

  • Is this in alignment with my plan and my vision?
  • Is it going to add value to my brand?
  • Will it help me deliver what my clients want?
  • Does it reflect what I want to create in my business?

If you do have a closet full of tools and equipment you rarely use, it’s time to sell them so you can reinvest the money into something that will better serve your business.

Marketing Mistake #6: Not Getting Involved in the Community

As a local business, getting involved in the community is a great way to meet referral partners or potential clients.

Even though we’re in the digital age, face-to-face interactions are still critical in building trust and relationships.

Step out of the confines of your treatment room, join a few networking groups, and meet other business owners in your area.

Develop strategic alliances with local service providers who share your target market but aren’t in direct competition with you (e.g. personal trainers, nutritionists, and salon owners.)

Can’t find a suitable group or events in your area? You can even start one!

Marketing Mistake #7: Not Understanding Your Brand

Many estheticians struggle because they can’t figure out how to stand out in the noisy marketplace.

Creating a strong brand is essential for the success of your marketing and it’s more involved than just coming up with a logo or a tagline.

Simply put, your brand is your reputation. It is who you are and what you stand for. Establish leadership with your brand in the industry.

When you have a deep understanding of your brand, you’ll be able to create marketing materials that resonate with your target audience and attract your ideal clients.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to understand your brand:

  • Why do I do what I do?
  • What do I believe in?
  • How do I want my community and the world to see me?

Marketing Your Business Shouldn’t Be Scary!

Marketing is simply a way to express yourself through the lens of your business. Proper marketing helps you connect with people you want to serve, so you can deliver the best products and services possible.

You don’t have to be someone you’re not or say things that don’t resonate with you. In fact, the more comfortable and confident you are in your own skin, the more effective your marketing will be!

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