Expressing Appreciation In Your Beauty Business

Recently I had “one of those days” – those “entrepreneur down days” when nothing feels right and everything seems to be a struggle.

So I decided to sit down and write a bunch of “appreciation cards” to people that matter to me.

Not just to people related to my business, such as clients and partners, I also wrote cards to my husband, close friends, and people who impact me daily.

After writing over 100 cards my mood and energy levels shifted in a positive way. My new state of mind offered renewed enthusiasm for my business and felt reenergized to take action. Gratitude changes everything – even a temporary state of mind.

A Grateful Heart = A Powerful Business

I believe great success happens when we lead with a grateful heart. We can easily build a profitable business by practicing appreciation and gratitude.

As a beauty professional, you can show your clients that you care by building relationships and expressing your appreciation. Doing so will help you cultivate loyalty and retain more ideal clients.

The Benefits Of Showing Appreciation

Feeling appreciated is a basic human need. Appreciating those around you not only demonstrates that you care but also lifts everyone up.

Showing your appreciation isn’t simply a “feel good” thing but also has tangible impacts on your business and bottom line:

  • Positive mindset: when you look for the bright side in everything you’ll start seeing more opportunities.
  • Better mood: you interact with employees more positively and inspire them to become better in their jobs.
  • Improved engagement: you become more engaged in your client interactions and in turn, they’ll be more engaged with your business.
  • Increased trust: you build trust and relationships with your clients, partners, and employees more effectively.
  • Client retention: you can increase loyalty, retain more clients, and improve your profit margins.
  • Employee retention: you can retain your best team member and reduce the cost associated with hiring and training employees.
  • Leadership: you show what you value and communicate what great work means to you so your team can do more of what works.

How To Show Your Appreciation

What can you do to show your gratitude and express your appreciation to your clients, partners, and employees?

There are businesses that implement “appreciation strategies” per se, but I believe appreciation needs to come from our heart so others can actually feel your emotions.

If you simply execute “appreciation” as a marketing strategy, it can feel disingenuine. I believe that showing appreciation or gratitude should be more spontaneous.

Of course, we can show our appreciation by sending an initial “thank you card” to a new client. I highly recommend doing so. But, when was the last time you dropped a heartfelt note that’s not part of a “process” outlined in a business or marketing strategy to people that matter?

“How you do one thing is how you do everything” – if you start showing appreciation to everyone around you, you’ll become more appreciative in all your business relationships and reap the benefits.

Try This Exercise To Show Appreciation

  • Send your spouse an appreciation card and include a picture if possible.
  • Write to close family members.
  • Send your clients a heartfelt note.
  • Mend a broken relationship by sending a card.

Turn your focus to building relationships in your business rather than chasing the money.

In regular meetings with your service providers, start by having each team member say why she’s thankful or appreciative of someone they work with.

During internal meetings, ask your team members to share their proudest accomplishments in the past month and acknowledge their contributions.

Seeing that their boss, co-workers, or collaborators are genuinely interested in their achievements and wellbeing lifts people’s spirits and adds unbelievable positive energy to any meeting and interaction!

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Of course, don’t forget to incorporate giving back as a way to express your appreciation to your team, clients, and community.

Feeling appreciated encourages us to be a better person and perform better at work. It lifts our mood, fills our heart, improves our morale, and makes us feel secure and confident.

I have been using easy software to send heartfelt cards with pictures that my friends and clients love. Click here to send a FREE card to a client today.


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