How To Generate More Spa Sales – Without Being Salesy

Follow these 8 easy steps To Increase Spa Sales Without Being Pushy

When asked, most estheticians and spa owners say the reason for low retail sales is that they don’t want to come across salesy. I get that.

But sometimes we can’t seem to help it when we’re feeling the pressure to meet our business and financial goals. How do we make the necessary sales without coming across pushy or desperate?

Sounding salesy not only makes us feel “gross” but it could also possibly turn clients away.

People love to buy but hate to be “sold to”, no matter what target audience or generation we’re talking about. Share on X

If what you say to your clients doesn’t feel right to you, then it probably won’t feel right with your clients either.

Clients come to you because they need a problem solved. That problem could include: relax more, lighten their hyperpigmentation, or help with acne and acne scarring.

If you’re in business to profit, it’s absolutely critical to make retail sales in your spa business. If you’re solo, I like to see at least 40% of overall revenues come from retail.

We can shift our mindset and how we approach the sales process so it’s adding value to both you and your clients.

Ask the right questions

Because clients are coming to you to solve a problem, we need to be asking more questions. Preferably, the right questions in order to dig a little deeper and uncover further concerns and bring us closer to making a sale.


Esthetician: “You circled help with brown spots on the intake form. Tell me more about that.”

Client: “I am noticing more brown spots lately and I don’t like it. It makes me feel old.”

Esthetician: “We will gear your treatment today towards those concerns. I have home care products that has helped several clients lighten brown spots. Would you be interested in learning more about those products after your facial?”

Client: “Sure. Anything to get rid of those spots!”

You see, we’ve gently asked permission if the client would like to learn more about products that are going to help their specific concerns.

It doesn’t matter how great your retail product are – if it isn’t going to solve your client’s problem, you’re going to have a tough time making sales.

Believe in your products

There is literally a ton of professional skin care products on the market. Many times when I am coaching an esthetician, we’ll discover there is no longer a passion about the products on their shelf.


I always find this to be a wonderful revelation because there is no need to carry a retail line you’re not excited about! It could be time to investigate other product lines.

If you aren’t convinced that your products are the best solution for your clients’ needs, how can you expect your clients to be convinced?

When you believe in what you do and the products you carry, you’ll be much more convincing and that will naturally lead to a transaction.

I also believe in dressing the part. I wrote another article on how to increase retail sales that you might enjoy.

Let Your Clients Do the Talking – Listen more

Ultimately, “sales” is about fulfilling a need. When we ask the right questions we need to be willing to listen to what our clients are saying.

The best way to find out what your client wants is to let them do the talking without interruption. Share on X

It’s easier getting your client to talk more by asking more questions and the right questions. Each question you ask is like peeling another layer.

When clients answer your questions, listen actively and intently.

It’s not about following a specific script – there’s no magic question!

Instead, be present so your next question is based on the answer to the previous one.

You’re having a conversation. Each answer builds upon the last to paint a picture of what your client wants.

When your client does most of the talking, she feels heard. When you position an offer as a response to her answers, she feels engaged in the design of her treatment.

When she’s involved in shaping her treatment, you don’t have to twist her arm into booking additional treatments or selling retail.

Improve Your Intake Process

Your client intake form can help you gather a treasure trove of information that I believe we need to be asking each and every appointment.

A lot can change in between appointments with you.

Even for recurring clients, don’t skimp on this process. Every time they visit, verify all the information and keep current on what’s going on in their lives and with their skin.

When you suggest a treatment plan based on your client’s interest and desired outcome, you’ll never come across as pushing services or products on them.

Adopt a Client-Centric Mentality

When you’re being of service and making recommendations to help your clients achieve the best results, you aren’t being salesy.

People value real and authentic interactions.

Don’t revolve the conversation around your products and services. Instead, show interest in your clients and the results they want to achieve.

Care more about your client than you do about your products. Share on X

Keep the focus on them and suggest only the products and services they need – no more, no less.

What do they need today? What’s going to make their day? What are their skin goals?

Offer recommendations based on their needs, not the number of sales you need in order to meet your numbers.

Design a Client Experience

When you’re out eating at a nice restaurant, you don’t get offended when the waiter says, “Oh, would you like another glass of wine, or would you like dessert?”

You don’t feel being sold to because it’s part of the dining experience, right?

Likewise, if you focus on delivering an outstanding client experience based on the client needs, any suggestion you make will have your client’s best interest in mind.

When you do so, you make your clients feel special. At the end of the day – that’s what it’s all about.

Generate more sales with add-ons

I often get asked – what’s the best way to ask for add-ons or get my client to book a facial and not just see me for waxing.

It could be as simple as picking up the phone and saying, “I remember you’ve been talking about doing X treatment. I have an opening tomorrow that just so happens to butt up against your waxing appointment. Would you like me to add this to our time together?”

Let your client make the decision if they would like to add that on. The power of suggestion works.

It’s actually a very easy strategy to implement. Simply be proactive with your appointment book.

Look at your schedule a day or two in advance and pick up the phone if you find a client who can benefit from something extra.

Some of my client favorite add-ons:

  1.      Eye treatment with eye globes. The soothing and cooling effect, helps tired, puffy, or red eyes. Cold and delicious.
  2.      Scalp massage. Relieve stress and tension in 10 minutes.
  3.      Hand or foot treatment with warm mitts. This is a wonderful add-on deepens the relaxation level for your client and it just feels good!


Being successful in sales requires investigating your client’s problems and fulfilling those needs.

There is no reason to be pushy when talking about your products and services.

When you put your clients first and offer recommendations that serve them best, making a sale is as natural as having an honest conversation.

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