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Get More Clients With One Simple Shift

Who doesn’t want more clients and a bank account that reflects our hard work? We want that money so that we can do the things that matter most! We need that money to keep our business alive. What if we are focusing on the wrong thing? Shift your thinking with this simple format and you can get all the clients you want…no joke.

So many of us focus on the money – the revenue, the profits, and the bottom line. Pay the rent, buy the equipment, and get the products onto the shelves.

Along the way, we’ve forgotten the most important thing that drives what we do – our clients!

Any business that wants to succeed needs to deliver a client-centric experience.

The reality is that our clients don’t give a crap about our products or services (I know, it sounds harsh.) All they want is to solve their problems. 

However, many of us tend to focus on the awesome products and brand new equipment we have in our treatment rooms – without realizing that our clients could care less.

They just want to know how a procedure is going to solve their current problem. Or how your equipment will deliver a treatment that makes them feel like a million bucks.

What can you do to shift your focus and design a client-centric experience?

Here are some points to consider:

1. Focus on client problems  

Your client may want to clear acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, have a more youthful appearance, feel more relaxed, or have brighter skin. These are general statements.

What’s the biggest problem your client has and what can you do about it? Keep asking questions to uncover the deepest problems.

In addition, listen to how they talk about their problems and describe their desired outcomes so you can communicate why your products or services are relevant.

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2. How can you help your client solve their problem and achieve the results they want?

Listen more – that’s the only way to find the answer to this question.

Too often estheticians worry about what they should say about their products or services without realizing that their potential clients are actually giving them all the information they need to make the sale if they just listen!

Use your consultation time to dig deep and uncover the underlying problems. Ask open-ended questions to get your client talking.

Practice active listening and ask follow up questions to gain valuable insights that will help guide your sales conversation.

3. Do your products and services solve your client’s problems?

We tend to fall in love with doing things a certain way in our practice. We’re passionate about our products and think that our treatment approach is the best thing since sliced bread. How do your products and services measure up?

Have you done a reality-check lately to make sure that your products and services are truly the best solutions to your clients’ problems?

If there’s a mismatch, you need to take a good hard look at whether you’re targeting the right clients or if you need to offer different solutions in your practice.

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Focus On Your Clients And the Money Will Follow

Leaders in the beauty industry are shifting their focus to offering the best possible client experience and showing that they truly care.

When you deliver outstanding customer service that solves your clients’ problems and makes them feel great, you’re creating the most effective marketing for your business.

Happy clients will tell their friends about your practice, write great reviews for your business, and return for more services in the future.

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