8 Ways To Give Back To Your Team, Clients, and Community This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are thinking about giving back to our team, clients, and the community to show our gratitude and appreciation.

In just a few short days, I’ll be giving $10,000 back to the beauty industry at the Beauty Business Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii. And yes, we already planning 2019 Summit. 🙂 

The proceeds ($10,000) will be gifted to a beauty school dedicated to making the biggest positive impact in their community and in the beauty industry as a whole.

The goal of the event isn’t just to help participates take their beauty businesses to the next level of excellence but also contribute to our amazing industry.

Giving feels amazing!

Being able to give back is a gift itself and there are several ways to show gratitude in your spa business that will enrich the lives around you, including your own.

Here are eight ideas to give back to your team, clients, and community:

1. Inspire Your Team

Encourage your team to give back by offering each employee a small allowance to contribute to a charity or support a crowdfunding project (e.g., on Kickstarter). A gift towards a cause your employee believes in shows your genuine support in something they care about.

You can have an informal team gathering to discuss contributions and details. You will inspire your team by showing interest in the organizations they believe in.

2. Lead by Example

Get involved with your community and bring your team along. If an employee is actively volunteering with a charity or for a community event, you can jump in to show support.

Involvement in a community event is also a great team-building opportunity. You’ll not only spend time with your team outside of the work environment but also build personal relationships with potential clients and community.

3. Donate Your Profits

You can get your clients involved by setting aside a day or a week during which you donate a percentage of your profit to selected charities.

This strategy not only benefits the causes of your choice but also engages your clients, associates your brand with a positive value, and drives more traffic to your business.

4. Leverage Your Strength and Expertise

Giving back to the community can be more than just working in the soup kitchen. You can leverage your strength and skills to create even more value for those in need.

For example, as a beauty industry professional, you could help underprivileged women feel confident and look good so they can find a job and support themselves.

5.  Sponsor a Charity Event

Becoming an event sponsor allows you to associate your brand with a good cause while getting your name in front of more people.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with those who live in your neighborhood, meet potential clients, and build trust with the community.

6. Designate a Company “Give Back” Day

Kill two birds with one stone by adding a community service component to your company’s “off-site” or team-building day.

Take a day off and get everyone out to participate in a community project, e.g., trail maintenance or beach cleaning. Then bond with your team over a meal or a picnic.

7. Match Your Donation

Encourage your team to give back to their favorite causes or charities by offering to match their donations.

You could also have a contest where your team members donate a portion of their tips to a favorite charity. You could also match a portion of your own tips if you’re still in the treatment room.

8. Bonuses and Gifts

Say thank you to your team and clients with bonuses and thoughtful gifts.

The bonuses you give should be more around meeting team goals that about holiday gift giving. Set quarterly and yearly goals at the beginning of each year If the team hits those goals, they will be rewarded x amount in their year-end bonus.

You can also select a unique gift that’s meaningful for each team member.

For VIP clients, send them a personalized thank you gift with a handwritten card. Make a list of your VIP clients and put thought and care when choosing their gifts. Each client is different  

The holiday season reminds us to reflect and be thankful for the year. Take this as an opportunity to reinforce your relationships with your team, clients, and community to strengthen your foundation for another fruitful year.

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