Hiring a Team For Your Beauty Business – Part 1

If you’re a successful solo esthetician with a full book of appointments, you may be feeling exhausted or even a little burnt out just from servicing your clients.

You may even be turning businesses away, which makes you feel like you’re leaving money on the table. Is it time to hire someone?

Hiring employees may seem to be the obvious solution, but is it right for you?

If you’re thinking of building a team, then you have probably considered the many mind-boggling challenges that come with being a leader in your business – which is often quite intimidating.

Expanding your beauty business with employees isn’t an easy decision. There are things to consider. How are you going to train your employees? Will you be a good boss and a competent leader?

Are You Ready To Step Up As a Beauty Business Leader?

Building a team is more than just expanding your business. You’re now in the business of growing people and impacting more lives than just being in business for yourself.

When you’re at the consideration crossroad of hiring, the first decision you need to make is to figure out if you want to lead a team.

The truth is that not all beauty professionals are meant to lead a team, which requires completely different skillsets, personality type, and focus other than delivering services.

Some estheticians thrive better as a solo practitioner and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yet others may feel they haven’t acquired the necessary mindset or skill set to manage a team so forcing themselves into doing so could lead to headaches and heartaches.

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What It Means To Be a Leader In Your Beauty Business

If expanding your business and hiring a team is what you WANT, you do need to understand what it means to be a leader.

Although there are many “how-to’s” on hiring and onboarding team members (which we’ll discuss in part 2 of this article next week) – let’s first build the solid foundation that will allow you to thrive as a leader by choosing a leadership style that resonates with you best.

While there are many different types of leadership, servant leadership and transformational leadership tend to be the most effective for beauty business owners.

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I believe spa business professionals should adopt these two leadership styles because we need more encouragement and inspiration in the world.

In addition, we’re moving away from the “command and control” type of harsh leadership tactics and it’s important not to confuse “leadership” with “dictatorship.”

We need a new paradigm to guide the way we run our business as well as the way we team-build.

Servant Leadership

A servant-based leader puts her team first and has a desire to serve. Here’s how to become a successful servant leader:

  • Lead by example, show your team what it means to serve, and encourage them to join you.
  • Put your people first and make sure they know that you care. When you take care of your team, they’ll take care of your clients.
  • Invest in your employees by providing them with training, mentoring, and the necessary resources to succeed.
  • Do what it takes to serve – roll up your sleeves and jump into the trenches with your team.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership focuses on helping your employees grow into exceptional members of your company and the community.

  • Encourage team members to apply their creativity in learning new skills and finding new ways of doing things.
  • Connect with each team member as an individual by offering personalized support and recognizing the unique contribution of each employee.
  • Inspire your team by establishing and articulating a clear vision. Help them experience the passion and motivation you have for your business.
  • Serve as a role model and encourage team members to internalize your vision and values by gaining their trust and respect.

The Key To Effective Leadership In Your Beauty Business

The proven success of servant and transformational leadership styles is the reason why I believe that as beauty industry leaders, we’re in the business of “growing people.”

When you respect your team members, value their opinions, and show empathy – you create a culture of trust that helps all team members not only thrive, but feel safe.

Wouldn’t you want to work for someone who recognizes your contribution, respects your input, encourages you to be better, and holds you accountable for reaching your goals?

When you adopt the right leadership style, you’ll be able to develop a team of leaders that could enable you to free up time, allowing you to do what’s most meaningful in your personal and professional life.

Once you have identified your leadership style, it’s best to do the self-work so you can lead with honesty and integrity by walking the talk.

Building a dream team is about turning your vision into reality and growing others who are aspired to contribute to your mission in your community.

Develop a team of leaders that could enable you to free up some time. Share on X

What kind of leader do you aspire to be? What type of leader inspires you to be your best? Leave a comment below and share your experience:

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