How To Attract More Clients To Your New Esthetician Business maxine drake blog

How To Attract More Clients To Your New Esthetician Business


How To Attract More Clients To Your New Esthetician Business maxine drake blogAttracting more clients to your esthetician business is vital. I get this question a lot: “I am starting a new salon/spa. How do I get more clients?”

You’ve finally earned the title of a licensed esthetician, aced your practical exam, and are ready to take on the world, right? After all, you want to see a return on your investment!

Now, that you’ve opened a new business, you’re probably on a mission to build your clientele. After all, you won’t have a business if you don’t have people to help!

To be honest, gaining traction for a new business is rarely a walk in the park – especially when you lack experience. There’s so much you could do… where should you begin?

I get it, I have been there! And the good news is that your training and certifications have set you up to succeed and prosper regardless of your scope of business!

Here are a few steps you can take right away to set the right foundation so you can attract your ideal clients:

Know Your Mission To Book Your Services

Get clear on your mission as a beauty business owner. Clients want to work with service professionals that they believe in.

Your favorite guests will be the ones that resonate with your unique approach because “like attracts like!”

In order to attract more regulars into your beauty business, it’s important to have clarity on why you’re in business so you can incorporate your unique perspective in all marketing communications and touchpoints.

Keep in mind exactly who you want to serve. For example, busy young moms may appreciate express services or lunchtime facials, not to mention be more likely to enroll in ongoing programs to treat aging skin.

Older patrons will appreciate more time with you and are more likely to give you a chance when it comes to trying out the training you’ve learned when it comes to aging skin.

Having a mission statement that reflects your vision, philosophies, and values will help you create a brand image that draws in the right clients who will appreciate what you do and are happy to pay for your services.

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Professional Photos to Wow Your Customers

Find a local photographer to take your photos, which can help position you as a professional and confident expert.

Dress in a way that you want to be judged as a professional, whether it’s professional spa wear or business attire. These photos should present you at your best to draw in clients that resonate with you.

Use these photos on your website and other online profiles, such as social media and directories, to project a consistent and professional image that will cultivate trust and build credibility.

Attract More Clients With A Professional Website

Your website is your online storefront. Since most consumers search online for local businesses, a website will boost your local SEO and help potential clients find you.

Your website also positions you as an expert, showcases your menu of cosmetology services or other treatments, and helps you connect with your community. You also want to include your hours of operation, a menu of services, and where you received your education.

Something that a lot of beauty professionals leave out of their website is their credentials. While different states have different education requirements, you may want to have a page dedicated to:

  • Your certification of licensure or esthetic license
  • The training hours you completed to earn your esthetician license
  • Your license expiration
  • The practical training you completed to meet the licensing requirements
  • Plus anything else you can include to assure your potential clients that you have a valid license for professional estheticians in your state or country.

Once you’ve established your business, your “official certification” won’t be as important but when you’re first starting out, it is vital.

A clean, polished, and easy-to-navigate site projects a professional image and creates a positive first impression. If website building isn’t your expertise (which is ok!), do hire someone to help in this area.

Publish Fresh Content On Your Website

The work isn’t over once you have built a website. To enhance your SEO and get found by more potential clients, you should regularly publish fresh, relevant, and engaging content on your website.

Get creative with content creation! Post informative content such as blog posts, videos, product demos, infographics, or audio interviews and update your service menu pages periodically to ensure that the information is current.

Once you have published new content, share it with your clients and followers via email and social media. This will increase your visibility, position you as an expert, build trust, and cultivate loyalty.

Improve Your Local SEO So New Clients Can Find You

97% of consumers search online to find a local business. In order for more potential clients to find you, be sure to optimize your website for local SEO.

Ensure your site is mobile-friendly and your content is optimized for on-page SEO. Claim your Google My Business listing and fill out all the information on your profile. This will get your business shown in the “local pack” at the top of relevant search results.


Get Online Reviews

Did you know that 86% of consumers read reviews on local businesses and most-read an average of 10 online reviews before trusting a business?

Having reviews and testimonials posted on your website, local directories, and third-party review sites is a great way to boost your SEO, gain exposure to new potential clients, build credibility, and increase conversion rate.

Ask your clients to write a review after their visits by sending them a link to leave a review on Google or Yelp. Then, you can transfer the reviews to your website. Keep doing this as your business grows to keep the entries current as most consumers only take recent reviews into account.

Utilize Social Media in Your New Esthetician Business

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach a larger audience. Make sure you have a strong presence on all the major platforms and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.

If social media feels overwhelming for your new esthetics business, you may consider hiring help or enrolling in an online course to help you overcome that challenge.

Enroll in Specialized Advanced Training

Continuing education shows that you are committed to your career and keeps you up to date on the latest trends in the beauty industry.

In addition, additional certifications can help you develop a specialty that appeals to a particular clientele. For example, if you focus on anti-aging treatments, you may be able to attract an older clientele that is not being served by the existing salon or spa options in your area.

Whatever route you choose, advanced training or additional training hours are an excellent way to attract more clients to your new esthetician business – especially when you’re just starting out.

Network In Your Community

Networking is vital for any local business to get new clients.

When you’re starting out, you probably have more time on your hands than clients. Make good use of this time and go to places where your ideal clients hang out to gain exposure. Have business cards made up with a clear call to action to book a service with you.

“Networking” doesn’t mean you have to attend every “networking event” in the area. Networking could mean signing up for yoga classes, joining a hiking group, or getting involved in a local “mommy” Meetup group to meet potential clients – wherever you can connect with them and build relationships.

Get involved in your local community.

There’s no better way to get your name out there than by getting involved in your community. Attend local events, join a Chamber of Commerce, or sponsor a local sports team. By engaging locally in this way, you will be featured on their list of sponsors or on the list of local businesses.

Partner With Compatible Salons and Spas

If you specialize in eyelash extension services, you could partner up with local beauty salons or spas that specialize in waxing or massages. Networking in your local beauty community can open doors for you. A big mistake in the industry is to “play close to the vest” instead of exploring opportunities with other businesses whose scope of business is different than yours.

Attract The Best For Your New Esthetician Business

Starting your own beauty business is an exciting milestone – congratulations! You are well on your way to attracting the best clients for your esthetician business. Don’t give up!

Putting in the work to build your clientele is rewarding. The satisfaction you’ll get from sharing your gifts and unique philosophy with clients who appreciate your talent will be well worth the effort.

Would you like to shorten the learning curve and accelerate your beauty business growth?

Want more practical training to help build your biz? Learn more about our business and marketing membership program designed exclusively for estheticians here.

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