How To Better Connect With Your Clients

Connect With Your ClientsWhile it’s important to run your practice cost-efficiently, there’s more to business success than revenues and profits. The connection between you and your client is more valuable than most things.

As a beauty professional, clients come to you because you have a unique approach, philosophy, and personality that resonates with who they are.

Your individuality is what attracts clients to you… So, how can you leverage this to better connect with your clients, build client rapport, and keep them coming back?

Most estheticians are naturally good at building relationships with clients, but there’s always room for improvement by mindfully strengthening connections to enhance the client experience.

7 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection With Clients

In a recent webinar I hosted with Victoria Tabak, CEO of Nature Pure Clinical Skincare, we discussed how beauty professionals can strengthen client connections – because it isn’t just all business!

Here’s the secret sauce:

1. Connect With Yourself First

It’s difficult to connect with others if you aren’t connected with yourself. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and be kind to yourself.

Do a little self-check-in a few times per day. What are you feeling? Tune into your own body language. Notice yourself and how you respond to things.

Spend time in silence or engage in mindful activities that bring you into the moment. Activities such as a nature walk, cooking, art, reading, or listening to music.

Connecting with yourself is a daily activity. Sometimes multiple times per day. This helps ground you so that you can better connect with your clients.

2. Be Accessible To Your Clients

Make sure clients feel that they can reach you personally when they have a question or need assistance. It doesn’t mean you have to be on standby 24/7 but the perception that you’re available when they need something will help you stand apart.

Many estheticians start out as a one-person show and have more opportunities to connect with clients on a personal level. This often changes as they expand their businesses and have fewer gaps in the day.

You can create a process such that your clients don’t feel like they’re losing the individual attention.

For example, have an assistant answer calls and screen emails then queue them up so you can attend to them in batches. This sends the message that you’re dedicated to serving your clients while allowing you to use your time efficiently.

3. Get On the Phone

We notice that many beauty professionals from the younger generations resist picking up the phone. Instead, they prefer to communicate via text or messenger apps.

While texting is quick and convenient, it can feel cold, impersonal, or come across harsh at times. Sometimes the message can get lost in translation. This can lead to unnecessary back-and-forth or a misunderstanding that could cost you a client.

There are times when you just need to pick up the phone and have a personal conversation with a client. It’s not good or bad if you don’t prefer using the phone as a communication method but a phone call is often the best way to resolve a delicate situation.

You can even take this further by sending a quick video of yourself to deliver a personalized message. It takes just a few minutes but can help you build a stronger connection and show your clients that you care.

4. Send Intentional Messages

Set aside five to ten minutes every day to send intentional, loving messages to your clients, friends, and family… whoever pops into your head.

To create deep connections with clients, you need to consider yourself more than their skin coach. You’re building a relationship that gives greater meaning to you and your clients – which is personal and one of a kind.

Create connections that give you a greater purpose and make time for people that matter. Energy is a powerful thing – have you noticed that when you send a message, most times people would say, “I was just thinking of you?” Funny how the Universe works!

5. Connect With Clients On Social Media

Use social media to gain insights about your clients. Pay attention and see what’s going on in their lives and engage with them by leaving comments on their posts.

Making connections with your clients isn’t just about business – it’s personal! We’re all human so commenting on life events builds trust and strengthens your relationships.

Use social media to your advantage by noticing what your clients are up to and how you can help. You can then send them a message or acknowledge at their next appointments.

Your clients will be touched that you are paying attention.

Don’t fake empathy! Be genuinely interested in your client’s lives and make them feel that you truly care about them.

6. Build Trust With Client Consultations

Conduct your consultations thoroughly and pay attention to every detail your clients are expressing concerns. Listen empathetically and be compassionate. Find out what’s going on in your clients’ lives.

Focus on helping them solve their problems.

After each consultation, follow up immediately. Write out a personalized home care routine and treatment recommendations. Check-in with your clients and mention specifics from your notes to give them the attention they deserve.

7. Create a Safe Space For Your Clients

Your treatment room is a sanctuary for your clients – it’s a place they can feel safe, pampered, and cared for. Be aware of your own stress and negativity.

Take total responsibility for your emotional energy.

I’m not saying that you need to turn into your clients’ therapist (although we sometimes are!) and your treatment room shouldn’t be a dumping ground. However, you should create a “Zen zone” where your clients can experience release.

It’s important to know how to clear your energy in between appointments so you can stay grounded. Some techniques to quickly reset yourself could include clapping, essential oils, salt, or crystals.

This will help create a positive space for each client.

Stay Connected

As beauty professionals, it’s our job is to make clients feel loved. Stay connected to yourself and practice connecting on a deeper level with your clients.

Our success isn’t just dollars and cents – it’s also about the lives we touch on a daily basis.

Developing deep personal connections with your clients builds trust and allows them to become truly relaxed each visit.

This will not only keep them coming back but also infuses a sense of purpose to everything you do in your business.

The Beauty Business Summit is all about connection. Learn and grow with us at this annual event.

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