How To Create Engaging Social Media Content For Your Beauty Business

Create Engaging Content On Social MediaSocial media is a great channel for estheticians and beauty professionals to connect with their audience and clients. Engaging content helps build relationships and develop the trust you need to acquire and retain more clients.

But let’s face it… we’re not always bursting with creativity when it comes to creating social media content!

It’s time to help you get “into the zone”! Even when you’re feeling like you don’t have the time or the energy to create content.

A Spark Of Creativity

In a recent conversation with my partner, Brooke Lea Wood, owner of Leawood Studio, we realized that we were both in a creative slump. We decided to meet more frequently to spark creativity and refine our marketing strategies.

I was so excited after our meeting that I immediately went into batch-creation mode. That means I was in such a creative zone that I was able to crank out 25 social media content pieces in less than 30 minutes!

I was like…what just happened?!

TIP: Canva is my favorite platform to create fun and engaging content.

When you get into batch-creation mode, run with it!

It’s hard finding inspiration as a solo practitioner/esthetician, or a small business owner since we have a lot on our plate.

I want to share some ideas and insights to help you generate more engaging social media content… easy and simple!

Before we dig in, let’s get clear on one thing: you don’t need a million followers to earn your first $100,000. You just need the right audience who engages and connects with you.

While it is important to have a solid content strategy, you first need to feel inspired to come up with good ideas!

Even though bouncing ideas with my business partner is wonderful, it’s not the only way I look for content inspiration. If you don’t have a partner or co-worker to brainstorm with, you just need to be resourceful and be proactive about seeking out inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational sources for content:

Beauty Industry Social Media

Are your social media industry friends killing it? What can you learn from them?

Take note of what inspires you as you’re scrolling posts by other beauty industry professionals. Take a screenshot or write down messages that prompted you to like or share these particular posts.

Look at the comments to see how the audience responds to these posts to gain insights into these topics. Next, look at how you can create content that sparks conversation.

Podcasts For Social Media Inspiration

Many of us like listening to podcasts while we are driving, working out, or doing other activities which is a great source for inspiration and content ideas.

Be open to podcasts on seemingly unrelated topics – they may spark inspiration that will lead to some exciting perspectives!

Get into the habit of jotting down messages or phrases that move you as you listen. Create a repository (e.g., a Google Doc) on which you write down ideas from podcasts and convert them into social media posts every week so you can share fresh content consistently.

Books and AudioBooks For Content Creation

The act of reading gives us the opportunity to chew on the words and reflect on ideas.

While some people like writing notes on the margin as they read a book, others prefer to record their thoughts on eReaders. Regardless of your preference, reading is a great way to absorb new ideas and get inspired.

Don’t have the time to sit down and read a book? You can listen to an audiobook while you’re driving or working out. Even if you just listen to one lesson or one chapter a day, you’d be exposed to a lot of new ideas over the course of a week, a month, and a year to inspire your content creation!

Questions From Your Clients

Your conversations with clients are treasure troves of ideas and inspiration for social media content.

Simply listen carefully to your clients when they come for treatments and note down their questions – especially those that are asked frequently by more than a few clients. You can then turn the answers into social media posts.

Get in the habit of writing down the questions and you can select those that are asked most often. In addition, you can create polls (e.g., on social media or use a survey app) to see what your clients want to learn from you.

Take Pictures

Visual content is popular on social media. In particular, Instagram and Pinterest are image-oriented platforms that work great for beauty professionals.

Take photos or gather images of new modalities, your favorite products, or beauty trends that inspire you. Use the visual as a prompt to write a caption that adds your unique perspective to spark conversation and increase engagement.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with engaging and effective social media content takes time. It requires you to put in the effort to identify topics that resonate with your audience. Time to develop your unique perspective, and present the content in a way that’ll engage your followers.

In addition, make sure you’re adding value instead of just posting for the sake of posting – you want to create engaging content so your audience doesn’t scroll passed you.

The relationships you build through social media can be highly rewarding – not only will you be able to acquire and retain more clients but you can also position yourself as an industry leader and open up more opportunities.

Want more tips and ideas on how to successfully market your beauty business? Connect with us in the Esthetician Inner Circle, where you’ll get the support to build, grow, and scale your business.

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