How To Generate Revenue Without Touching Your Clients

Stephanie LaynesShift your way of thinking and open up another revenue stream that doesn’t involve touching your clients. You may be limiting yourself and your income potential with only in-person appointment sales.

After all, we only have so many hours per week to service clients! We can only deliver a limited number of one-on-one treatments before hitting an income ceiling.

As smart business owners, we need to leverage our time effectively and set up multiple streams of revenue in order to scale our business. The good news is that many of these streams can generate income without you having to even touch your clients.

Recently, I hosted a webinar with my dear friend and sassy pants boss lady????, Stephanie Laynes. That is my nickname for her and she owns it!

I love Stephanie’s straightforward attitude, generous heart, and devotion to helping other beauty professionals succeed in business.

During the webinar, we talked about different ways to generate additional income without delivering in-person services to your clients. Here are some golden nuggets to help you leverage your time and make more money:

Change Your Mentality

Your mindset is as important as your skill set when it comes to running a profitable business. Most of us didn’t acquire a business mentality in school.

We need to change that.

When Stephanie started her empire, she was always thinking about “multiple streams of revenue.” She believes we must change our mentality first before any strategy or tactic can be implemented effectively.

This means we better be open and willing to receive a new way of thinking, y’all! (Just channeling some Stephanie sassiness!)

Money-Making Activities For Estheticians

After upgrading your mindset, it’s time to explore some money-making activities you can add to your practice right away to leverage your time and generate revenue outside of in-person appointment sales:

Email Newsletters

Hold up! We’re not talking about your average, boring newsletters! Seeing clients every 4 to 6 weeks leaves a lot of time between your potential “next sales.”

Instead of waiting for clients to come to your practice, use email marketing to stay top of mind and generate more sales. Send out consistent newsletters with helpful information and include a link to your online store so subscribers can purchase a related product mentioned in your email content.

Free Shipping

Encourage clients to purchase from you between appointments by setting up an online store and offering free shipping.

You may set a minimum purchase amount for online orders to make sure you stay profitable. You can also include a small gift with the orders since clients love little surprises and kind gestures – doing so often helps build loyalty and increase recurring purchases.

“How To” Training

Educating your clients on “how to” use your products can entice them to buy more from you.

You can host a webinar or live stream to show clients various skincare and makeup applications, such as how to fill in eyebrows, proper face cleansing at home, or how to apply specific products. This will help you build trust, boost retail sales, and generate more revenue. Without touching!

Skype/Zoom Client Consultations

Sometimes your clients need help and have questions regarding their skincare routines and you can give them quick advice via a Skype or Zoom video call without them having to book an appointment.

Doing so offers added convenience to your clients, allows you to serve more clients cost-efficiently, and gives you more opportunities to make product recommendations so you can increase retail sales.

Hidden Opportunities That Generate Revenue

Did you know that as many as 30 million people cannot receive a facial because of a common skin condition? Probably half of your clients suffer from it and you’re in a unique position to help!

We’re talking about eczema – most people suffering from it can’t get a facial!

This is a great opportunity waiting for you to jump in, help more clients, and build an additional stream of revenue.


It just so happens that Stephanie’s teen daughter has suffered from eczema on her face for her entire life. Stephanie has learned all the ins-and-outs of what not to do and what you CAN do to help your clients.

You have the opportunity to get trained and help clients who cannot physically receive a facial because of eczema.

As an esthetician, you already have the tools and can soon have the expertise in just a few short weeks when you join Stephanie’s online class. You’ll get certified by the best person qualified to teach this class on a condition that debilitates so many people.

Not only can you add an income stream to your business but you’ll also be able to attract more clients to your practice!

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