How To Increase Retail Sales With Modalities

As estheticians and beauty business owners, you know how retail sales can impact your bottom line. You probably retail skincare products, but have you thought about selling modalities to your clients?

High retail sales allows us to leverage our time and resources while increasing profit margins. In fact, the most successful and profitable spas have at least 30% of all revenue coming from retail. Plus, getting clients to purchase retail at your spa can increase the retention rate by 30 – 35%.

Selling skincare products is the most common method to generate retail sales but it’s not the only way. You can also increase revenues by offering modalities (e.g., My Skin Buddy) and other specialty items in your business, to increase sales even more.

Ghada Abuhakmeh, (CEO of My Skin Buddy) and I recently hosted a webinar to discuss how to increase retail sales with modalities. You can catch the replay here and I’ve also listed out the bullet points below:

Why Sell Retail?

As Ghada likes to say, “You want to make more revenue and profit in your business. You want to make it rain.”

You want to make more revenue and profit in your business. You want to make it rain. Click To Tweet

Selling modalities gives you the opportunity to make more money thanks to the higher profit margins.

In addition, it helps your clients improve their overall results between appointments so they’ll have a better experience working with you. This will, in turn, help you build trust, improve client retention, and get more referrals.

How To Increase Retail Sales In Your Beauty Business

Here are some steps to increase retail sales regardless of the products or modalities you’re partnering with:

1. Master the Greeting

Deliver a unique experience the moment your client enters your practice to create a positive and lasting first impression.
Deliver a unique experience the moment your client enters your practice to create a positive and lasting first impression. Click To Tweet

Is your lobby cluttered or is it warm and inviting?

Do you have a team member who greets clients as soon as they walk in the door? Is your greeter friendly and represent your company values?

Are clients greeted with an offering, such as a cold beverage or do you have a gorgeous tea and cookie station?

Attention to detail creates a memorable first impression and helps you build rapport right from the start.

2. Hone In Your Consultation

Remember, your clients come to you for skin advice. The best way to build trust and loyalty is to be genuinely helpful.

Ask detailed, open-ended questions, listen, and provide honest, positive feedback during the consultation.

Try adding this question to your consultation:

“On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you with your overall appearance? On a scale of 1 – 10, where would you like to be?”

You can replace “appearance” with texture, hydration, skin tone, lines, and wrinkles, etc.

Asking that simple question in your consultation will allow you to make service and retail recommendations.

3. Carry Products You Love

It’s important to carry products and modalities that you’re in love with. Don’t sell items that you don’t absolutely love because your lack of heartfelt enthusiasm will show and your clients will feel it.

In addition, gift your team the products and modalities you sell so they can try and fall in love too! When your team is excited about products and modalities, they’ll be eager to share with clients which can create a compound effect on your sales!

4. Use the Products Or Modalities In Your Treatment Room

“Try before you buy” is always an effective way to sell a great product.

When you use the products or modalities you sell during treatment, you’re maximizing your time by educating and allowing a client to feel while you explain benefits.

Let your clients experience the modalities and invite them to hold or interact with the item so they can feel it and see the difference first-hand.

After your clients have tried the item and become excited about it, mention that you offer an at-home version for them to maintain the results until their next appointment.

5. Educate Your Clients

Educating means there is no need to be pushy. Consumers are savvy and they want to learn about the products or services before they purchase.

Know your products and educate your clients about the benefits. Offer suggestions on how they can use the items to achieve their desired skin goals.

When you position yourself as an expert and earn your clients’ trust, they will naturally buy the products that you recommend.

Bonus Tips: Always Be Promoting

Promote your new modality! Let your clients and followers know. Generate buzz and encourage your clients to try it out:

  •   Share it on social media. Use photos and videos to capture attention and invite engagement.
  •   Add the modality to your service menu and website.
  •   Send an email to your subscribers to announce the launch.
  •   Beat Amazon! Offer free shipping and a free gift with purchase.
  •   Offer a complimentary session with the modality to your top clients. Invite your VIP clients for an exclusive preview experience before the launch.
  •   Bundle your modality with other treatments or skincare products. (E.g., My Skin Buddy pairs nicely with any professional skincare line.)

Free Gift With High-End Packages

You can add a modality (such as a My Skin Buddy) as a free gift to high-end packages to entice more clients to make a purchase. I believe this works so much better than discounting!

For example, clients can purchase any high-end series and receive a FREE MYSKINBUDDY ($265 Value). This type of deal can be very enticing to your client. Everyone wins!

You’ll have happy clients who will refer others to you. Not to mention, they’re more likely to purchase other services and skincare from you.

We love helping you with proven strategies that strengthen your client connection and maximize profits inside our membership. Learn more about the Esthetician Inner Circle.

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