How To Launch a High-End Treatment In Your Esthetician Business


A growth strategy in our esthetician business is to offer the best services to our clients at the highest perceived value. You want to launch a high-end treatment your clients want. This high-end treatment must provide outstanding results.

Offering high-end services is the fastest way to create residual income in your esthetician practice. Here’s how to launch a high-end treatment to boost your profits and keep your VIP clients coming back:

How To Successfully Launch a High-End Treatmenthow to launch a high-end treatment in your esthetician business

Launching a high-end service can feel intimidating at first. From purchasing top-quality equipment or products to generating buzz. Then you must set a pricing strategy and orchestrate a successful pre-launch. There are a lot of moving parts.

However, if you follow these proven steps, you can position and communicate your new offering confidently and effectively to gain more high-end clients:

Purchase High-End Equipment Or Products

Before you purchase any equipment, make sure your investment delivers profound results that are highly relevant to your ideal clients.

Do research to understand what your clients want and identify an effective treatment that’ll solve their biggest problems. When you give your clients what they ask for — results — they’ll be willing to pay top dollar and keep coming back for more. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time recouping your investment.

I don’t believe you should go into debt when adding new equipment or services to your practice. If you need to open a line of credit, get a credit card that offers a 0% interest rate and pay it off before the 0% promotion ends. Close the card as soon as you’ve completed the payments.

Build Excitement Among Your Clients and Community

To generate demand for the new service, start building excitement before the new equipment or products are shipped to you. Remember, selling is merely a transference of energy — if you want to get your clients excited, you must be excited about the new offering! Your enthusiasm will attract more clients to try the new service.

Focus on communicating the benefits of the new offering and remind clients about it during their appointments. Also, use email and social media marketing campaigns to gain traction.

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Price Your High-End Treatment

Pricing is often a tricky topic since many factors affect how much the market will bear and how much your clients are willing to pay.

Understand your target market and keep in mind that each demographic will respond differently. Start with market analysis in your area to see who is offering similar treatments. I’m not suggesting that you follow everyone’s pricing strategy, especially if your service delivers exceptional results.

However, knowing the market landscape can help you effectively position your high-end treatment.

Let’s use an example formula:

Let’s say you determined that $250 per visit will be the “true price” for your new high-end treatment. Also, the treatment should be delivered as a series of 10 sessions for the best results. This will make your package $2,500. (Note: this is not your pre-launch pricing.)

Design Your Pre-launch Plan

The objective of pre-launching your new high-end service is to collect full payments or deposits from your clients to help pay off the machine, certification training, or product investment. This will help maintain a healthy cash flow for your business.

Your pre-launch pricing should be less than the “true price” to make the offer more attractive while creating a sense of urgency. For example, if your “true price” is $250 per visit, you can offer a pre-launch pricing of $195 per session, or $1,950 for a package of 10. It’s up to you if you’d take a deposit and have your clients pay the balance half-way through the series.

Although getting full payment upfront is preferred, you should work with your clients to give them every opportunity to say yes — because it translates into more sales for you!

Offer a Pre-launch Special To Your Best Clients

Your most loyal clients are also most likely to purchase your new service so invest some time and effort to share the big news with them.

Make a list of your best 10-15 clients. Call each of them and extend a private invitation to an exclusive offer, which is only available to the first 10 clients. Once the pre-launch packages are sold out, the price will go back up to $2,500 per package.

In exchange for the special pricing, you can ask these clients to provide before/after photos for your new sales page and social media posts. If you get 10 of these clients for pre-launch, you’d be set up for success.

Doing a pre-launch will help you kickstart the new service, give you the confidence, and build momentum.

Host a Launch Event With an Introductory Offer

If you have followed the pre-launch plan, hosting a launch event is where things can take off fast. You have booked your 10 pre-launch clients and they’re getting results. You’re feeling confident and now ready to launch your new high-end treatment to the public.

When you do a launch event, you’re going to offer special pricing. However, keep reminding clients that this treatment sells for $250 per session to demonstrate the incredible value they’re getting.

Your launch event should focus solely on the new service. Show all the before/after images from your pre-launch clients. You can also grab images from the equipment/product manufacturer if applicable.

Price the offer so it’s still a good deal but higher than the pre-launch pricing so your A-list clients will feel super special. For example, if you set the introductory price at $210 per treatment, a 10-pack would be $2,100. This is higher than the $1,950 pre-launch special but still offers a saving of $400 off the regular package price.

Keep in mind that you only have a finite amount of time to work with clients. To avoid over-booking, you should sell the packages in waves. For example, the first 10 packages sold starts on X date. The next 10 packages sold will start Y weeks after that. This allows you to add a sense of urgency and better schedule your workload while your clients can still lock in the special pricing — that’s a win-win!

You can also sweeten the pot by offering these clients (and your A-list clients) a special monthly maintenance price of $210 per session until you decide to raise it.

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