How To Offer Holistic Skincare Services Using Products And Equipment You Already Own



As more consumers strive to live a healthy lifestyle, they’re also seeking holistic skincare services from estheticians. Many beauty professionals are realizing the limitations of treating skin maxine drake holistic skincaresymptoms and want to offer holistic options that handle the root cause.

If you want to exceed your clients’ expectations and charge a premium for your services — this article is for you.

You can easily offer holistic skincare services in your practice and help your clients get to the root cause of their skin challenges. Once and for all.

Recently, I hosted a webinar with Michelle Valeri, owner of Holistic Dermal Professionals. Michelle has developed a unique training course that teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophies and strategies that will enhance your esthetics practice.

As an esthetician myself, I was blown away by the content we discussed. You can catch the replay here:

What’s Holistic Skincare and How Does It Benefit Your Practice?

With so many people talking about holistic this and holistic that, there’s quite a bit of confusion about what the term means. Let’s first get on the same page: what exactly is holistic skincare?

Holistic skincare involves treating the body as a whole. Especially in TCM, any skin-related issue can be traced back to imbalances in the body.

Rather than treating symptoms, TCM treatments are based on each individual’s constitution. For example, two people who suffer from acne may have different root causes and in turn, require completely different skincare treatments.

Michelle teaches a holistic skincare system that involves the mind, body, spirit, emotions, environment, and lifestyle.  There is also an emphasis on ingredient energetics (which is different from ingredient benefits).  This approach allows us to address many different elements that affect the health and appearance of our skin.

Benefits of Incorporating Holistic Skincare In Your Esthetician Practice

Adding holistic skincare techniques based on TCM philosophies to your beauty business helps you resolve skin problems, exceed client expectations, and distinguish your services from the competition.

You’ll learn a new approach to skin conditions. For example, we were taught that there are 5 skin types in esthetic school (normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive) but there are 120 different skin types according to Traditional Chinese Medicine! Having this knowledge will allow you to analyze skin conditions on a completely different level.

You’ll be able to treat any skin issue holistically and gain the confidence to take your business to the next level — using the tools you currently have without spending money on more products and equipment.

You can strengthen your expert positioning and charge top dollar for your services, instead of getting stuck in price wars. This will raise your earning potential as an esthetician — for example, Michelle went from charging clients under $100 per treatment to $600 per treatment once she implemented holistic techniques. You can easily do this too!

Any Product or Equipment Can Be Used Holistically

These new TCM techniques sound good but you may wonder, “do I need to spend an arm and a leg on new products or equipment when I incorporate holistic skincare techniques into my practice?”

The good news is that you can use anything that’s already in your treatment room to deliver holistic skincare treatments.

The TCM approach isn’t about what products and equipment you use, but how you use them. The method focuses on the energetic properties of ingredients in products instead of their claimed benefits (which addresses the symptomatic expression of the root causes.)

In fact, you already own the most important “equipment” to implement these techniques — your eyes and your hands are the diagnostic tools you need to treat clients holistically.

Change the World Of Esthetics with Holistic Techniques

As an esthetician, I have always been drawn to a holistic approach because getting to the root cause of any problem always made sense!

I believe that holistic techniques will change the world of esthetics thanks to the accuracy of this diagnostic tool. Your clients will get the results they have always wanted and you’ll become a more effective beauty professional.

Michelle’s training can help you become a Holistic Esthetician using Traditional Chinese Medicine as your diagnostic tool to clear any skin condition. Learn more about Holistic Dermal Pros here.

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