How To Overcome Fear Building Your Virtual Skincare Business


The words “virtual practice” or “virtual business” has caused a bit of fear for estheticians since COVID-19 prevented most practitioners to shift “in-person” treatments. Is it time to expand your business model and offer virtual services?

Let’s take a look at some options.

Many beauty business owners are wondering: Is there an end in sight to the limitations? How can I continue to do what I love while embracing the virtual world? You may even be thinking, “Wait… I went to esthetic school to learn how to analyze and treat clients’ skin by touching in person! How in the heck do I build a virtual skincare business?”

Working with clients virtually will challenge many existing notions of how you deliver services or conduct your businesses. It’s important to learn the skills while overcoming your fears so you can fully embrace this new world in which virtual skincare will become a common practice.

The good news is that the possibilities are endless when we break through these types of barriers and limiting beliefs. The new virtual skills you gain and the new systems you set up will enable you to further grow your beauty business now and in the future.

The Demand For Virtual Skincare

There is a demand for virtual skincare and it doesn’t mean that you need to give up your brick and mortar practice if you don’t want to! The fact that there is demand may be hard to believe at first.

Your future virtual clients need help with their skin even if they can’t visit in person. Meanwhile, consumers are getting more comfortable with virtual services. True fact!

Maybe, deep down, we resist the idea because we have invested a lot of time and money to learn to work with clients in person. However, the virtual revolution is here and there is an opportunity to embrace a new mindset.

In fact, the rise in virtual service has been happening for quite a while. Most beauty professionals just haven’t noticed being hunkered down in the treatment room. The pandemic has been a wakeup call for many beauty business owners to rethink their business models.

What’s more, virtual skincare won’t disappear when the pandemic is over. On the contrary, as people get to experience the convenience of virtual services, the demand will grow stronger.

If you have been on the fence or haven’t adopted a virtual business strategy — it’s not too late to get started. Embrace virtual skincare, for now, is the time to be the first to enter the market and build your clientele all over the world!

Why Build a Virtual Skincare Business

There are several reasons to build a virtual skincare business. Here are a few ideas to help get your creativity flowing:

Expand Your Client Base Beyond Your Current Location

When you service clients in person, it makes sense to focus your marketing efforts on a specific demographic. A virtual practice allows you to break this barrier and build a clientele outside of your current location. You could potentially reach clients all over the world! Imagine that for a moment!

Expanding your reach can also give you the opportunity to pursue a specialty that may not have been possible because your current location doesn’t offer a big enough market.

To expand your practice, you may have to revisit your ideal client profile and get clear on how you can reach this new audience with the right message. You may also need to work on your online marketing strategy so you can reach your new virtual skincare clients.

Plan Your Skincare Business Exit Strategy

A virtual beauty business offers a perfect model for seasoned estheticians who wants to stay in the business while having the flexibility to work from home. This lowers overhead costs significantly.

Also, the less hands-on nature of a virtual business means you can build brand equality while giving your body a break. This opens up additional opportunities, allowing you to leverage your time and efforts strategically.

For example, you can set up systems and processes to free you up from the day-to-day business operations. You can also design a unique methodology or develop a skincare product line to increase the value of your brand.

Automate Your Virtual Skincare Business

Automation is the key to “making money while you sleep.”

Several of our Esthetician Inner Circle members have built automated virtual skincare businesses. One member offers three virtual skincare kits based on skin type. She also created a series of videos that her new virtual clients will receive upon purchasing the kits.

Even though she’s still servicing clients in the treatment room, her automated virtual business runs on its own and produces 3-4 clients per week.

This may not sound like a lot at first but imagine the revenue she can produce when the virtual business gains more traction. Having an automated business allows you to generate money while you’re doing other things, like spending more time with family and friends or going on vacation.

Create Multiple Streams of Income By Building A Virtual Skincare Business

One thing that the pandemic has taught us is that we need to be more resourceful and creative. We have to adapt and adjust to market conditions and client expectations while keeping our minds and eyes open to various revenue streams.

When you set the foundation for a virtual business, you have a platform for more income-generating opportunities. For example, you can generate retail sales through an eCommerce store, create online courses to monetize your knowledge, and offer online consultation to help more clients.


Final Thoughts Regarding Your Virtual Business

In this time of transition and uncertainty, we can either be proactive about discovering new opportunities or feel desperate and victimized. When we choose to see the gifts and graces in front of us, we also open up a whole new world that will allow us to expand and grow in amazing ways.

If you are ready to stretch yourself with an amazing group of like-minded owners who take action, the Empowered Esthetician Mastermind will help take your business to the level you have always dreamed of.

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