How To Start Your Esthetician YouTube Channel With Ease


Video marketing is no doubt an effective way to promote a service business. Many estheticians and spa owners understand the benefits of starting an esthetician YouTube Channel, yet few have actually taken action.

92% of marketers say that video is an important part of a business marketing strategy and the average person spends  100 minutes every day watching online videos.

Yet, the idea of making a video, let alone starting a YouTube channel, terrifies most estheticians. Some are afraid of putting themselves out there, while others are held back by critics.

Don’t let the irrational fears in your head prevent you from taking action! The truth is, critics only come out to play when you’re on the right track! True story! It’s never too late and you’re not too old to step out and share your knowledge, expertise, and passion.

If you’re still on the fence about starting your YouTube channel, I’m going to help you kick all the excuses to the curb. Starting your own channel is easier now than ever (so you can put the “I’m not technical” excuse away) and there are many benefits for doing so. Let’s find out:

Why Start an Esthetician YouTube Channel?

First things first — is starting a YouTube channel worth your time and effort? The answer is a definitive “Yes!” Here’s why:

Deliver Tremendous Value to Your Audience

People want to hear from an expert like you about topics that are important to them. This type of audience will gain useful information from a licensed esthetician, such as yourself. Let’s face it – there are plenty of people who offer random advice and do not have the level of schooling you do!

Think about it — you are smart. You know skin. You absolutely know skincare ingredients and different modalities. And you can easily share your knowledge on video for a few moments. I bet if I asked you to explain your favorite treatment, we could easily have a 10-minute conversation. It’s as easy as that. Pretend you are talking to one person when making a video!

Attract More Traffic and Clients to Your Practice

Having a YouTube channel helps you reach a larger audience and drive high-quality traffic to your website. It also positions you as an expert to build trust and credibility with your potential clients.

Video marketing isn’t just for virtual skincare businesses. It benefits brick-and-mortar practices just as much by helping you get found by local clients. For example, you can boost your local SEO by incorporating the appropriate keywords in your tags and descriptions so you can get found by more potential clients on Google search results.

Monetize Your Knowledge and Content

When you set up a channel and build a following, you can generate revenue through your content. This is a great way to create an additional stream of income just by sharing your knowledge and experience!

YouTube offers many features to help you monetize your videos, including:

  • Advertising: generate revenue through affiliate marketing and video ads.
  • Channel membership: offer special perks in exchange for monthly payments from your members.
  • Merchandise shelf: sell official branded merchandise on your watch pages.
  • YouTune Premium Revenue: get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

How To Start Your Esthetician YouTube Channel

Recently we had Roger Wakefield —  a YouTube Growth expert — as a guest speaker in our Esthetician Inner Circle. He walked us through a very simple way to start a channel and here are some highlights:

Start Your YouTube Channel With Your Smartphone

The camera and recording capabilities on our smartphones are more than enough to create good quality videos for your YouTube channel. You don’t need to invest in fancy and expensive equipment when you’re first starting out.

You may consider getting a tripod and lighting kit, many of which are available for less than $100, to help you produce videos of consistent quality. Otherwise, you can simply set up your camera outdoors or by a window — natural light makes our skin look the best!

Find Your Topics and Hit Record

Here’s the most common question: “What do I talk about on video?”

Finding the right content for your video is super easy. Your clients are your greatest resource of content ideas. What questions do they ask you most? Make a list. Boom… There’s your content! You can easily speak on each topic for 10 minutes, right? Of course, you can!

You don’t have to broadcast live if that makes you nervous — you can record and upload the videos to your channel. Spending 10 minutes to talk about what you already know and love is all it takes to get started! When you have lined up a list of topics, you can make your videos in batches and become more efficient.

Set Up Your YouTube Channel

You can create a personal channel or use a Brand Account to set up a channel with your business name but is still managed from your Google Account.

When you sign in to YouTube, simply select any action that requires a channel, such as uploading a video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist. If you don’t have a channel yet, you’ll be prompted to create one.

Then, follow the steps and make sure you have all the details filled out (e.g., your location, your website, and a cover photo that you can easily create in Canva).

Starting a YouTube channel is easier than you thought, right?

Having a YouTube channel and sharing your expertise is an effective and easy way to reach a larger audience and build relationships with your followers. Have you already given it a shot? Share your experience in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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