How To Increase Retail Sales In Your Beauty Business

Retail sales is an important component to become a profitable spa business. Selling retail is a vital factor to boost your bottom line. However, most spa owners struggle to keep their retail sales numbers up. Let’s explore ways to help you increase retail sales in your beauty business.

In this article, we’ll reveal ways to help you increase retail sales in your beauty business. If your retail sales are high, this post will give you a few ideas to dial it up to increase even more profits!

You may wonder: “why should I care so much about retail?” Here are some pretty good reasons:

  • You have a 30-35% greater chance of retaining a client if she purchases retail at your spa.
  • Most successful and profitable spas have at least 30% of all revenue coming from retail.
  • You don’t need to hire extra staff or rent additional space to make retail work for your business, making it a great way to increase your bottom line and become more profitable.

7 Ways To Increase Spa Retail Sales

Your clients are visiting your spa, which means they already trust you and are willing to pay for your products and services.

Generating more sales from your existing clients can be quite seamless if you help them find the products they need and make it easy for them to buy from you:

1. Keep Your Top Sellers in Stock

Many spas generate most of their retail revenue from just a few top selling products.

Run a report to identify your 5 to 7 top sellers and make sure you always have a 2-month supply on hand in case the items are on backorder. This will ensure that you don’t run out of products and miss out on a sale.

2. Create a Curated Shopping Experience

More isn’t always better. Instead of carrying too many items, focus on a selection of high-quality products that are in alignment with your brand.

You have put countless hours into researching about skincare products and your clients trust your professional opinion.

In addition, when offered too many choices, consumers tend to get confused and end up not making a purchase.

3. Make Retail Part of the Spa Experience

Incorporate retail as part of the spa environment to encourage your clients to browse the products and make a purchase.

Keep the items visible and don’t lock your retail products in a case. Offer testers and samples so your clients can feel and touch products as part of their experience.

Be helpful and make recommendations during treatments. Show your clients how to use the products and guide them to select the ones that best suit their needs.

4. Blog About Your Favorite Products

Don’t hoard the good stuff! Write about your favorite products and top sellers on your blog and share the posts with your social media followers and newsletter subscribers.

Tell your readers why you’re excited about the products you carry! Add skin tips on how to incorporate these products into their skincare routine. Don’t forget to mention the benefits. People want to know “why” purchase your products? What will your products do for your clients?

Include images in your blog posts (e.g., products shots, before/after photos) and tell your readers where they can purchase the products (ideally, that’d link to your online store.)

5. Sell Retail Products Online

Make it easy for your clients to replenish their supplies between appointments by having retail products available on your online store.

Not to mention, adding an eCommerce component to your website can help attract new customers who may not be aware of your business and open up new income opportunities.

There are many eCommerce platforms you can use to set up an online store quickly and easily, e.g., Shopify or BigCommerce.

Keep in mind that some manufacturers have restrictions on retail and distribution so do your due diligence when setting up your online store.

6. Provide Personalized Recommendations

Consumers now expect personalized shopping experiences and your spa clients are no different.

Besides offering product suggestions during treatments, you can utilize marketing personalization technologies to segment your client list so you can deliver a customized experience.

For example, you can show targeted content and send personalized emails with information and product recommendations that are most relevant for your clients’ needs.

7. Provide Proper Training to Your Team

Your team should have expert knowledge on all the products sold at your spa so they can assist your clients in selecting items that are most appropriate for them.

In addition, provide basic training in retail sales and customer service to make sure your team members are delivering an outstanding shopping experience for your clients.

Last but not least, your team should dress professionally. When they look and feel confident, they’re more likely to gain the trust of your clients when making product recommendations.

Incorporating retail in your spa business allows you to deliver an outstanding client experience while boosting your profits.

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