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Increase Sales By Hosting A Holiday Spa Event

The Ultimate Checklist for Hosting a Profitable Spa Event During the Holidays. Share on X

The holiday season is fast approaching and this is the time of year many spa owners are crunching to make their revenue goals before year end. You can absolutely increase sales by hosting a spa event. Sure, it’s nice to gather clients for a party, but your main objective should be to create community awareness, gain new clients, and sell your products and services.

If you want to increase your sales and revenue during this time of the year, I recommend to get started with the planning process now.

The spa culture is going mainstream as younger generations are making spa visits part of their lifestyle. If your ideal clients are millennials, they love gathering in groups!

These clients want to interact with their service professionals. Millennials value fun and social experiences and they love sharing these experiences with their friends. This makes spa events a great way to attract more millennial clientele.

Hosting spa events will not only help you generate immediate income to help you make your numbers for the year, but also help spread the word in your community for those who don’t know you exist. Face to face contact is important in the beauty industry.

Here are Ten Steps to Help you Host a Profitable Spa Event This Holiday Season:

1. Define Your Business Objectives

For most spa owners and estheticians, the main goals for hosting an event is to grow the client list and generate revenue.

Keep that objective in mind as you design your event, offers, and promotions.

Get clear and specific with your revenue service and retail goals. Write out your goals.

2. Get Organized With Your Event

Plan out every single detail of the event in advance.

Line up the help you need and reserve a venue if you are a solo esthetician and don’t have the space.

Give business partners and vendors enough notice so they can be fully prepared and help support your event.

Confirm the necessary details ahead of time so you can include all the information in your marketing materials and start your promotional efforts early.

3. Ensure Attendance At Your Event

Check to make sure there’s nothing else going on in your area that may compete with the event date you’ve chosen.

Check with your city or community calendar to see what else is happening to ensure attendance at your event.

This could include things like a concert or a sports game. You don’t want to have that conflict.

4. Create A Facebook Event Page

Creating a Facebook event page will give you greater community exposure for your spa event. Share on X

It will also make it easier for your clients on Facebook to invite their friends.

I recommend creating a public page.

You will have the ability to communicate with people who are interested in coming and post exciting announcements about your event on this page.

You may even include images from previous events to build excitement and interest.

5. Invite Your Clients To Bring a Friend

Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to convert new clients.

Offer a “guest pass” to your loyal clients and encourage them to bring a friend that has never been to your spa before.

There’s a good chance that your ideal clients’ friends are “just like them” – so it’s likely that they’re also a great fit for you and what you have to offer.

Your clients will look like they’re “in the know” while you grow your list of high-quality leads.

6. Mini Workshop Event Opportunity

Plan a hands-on workshop for your guests to experience you in action while learning something new. Share on X

These mini workshops are great for adding value, cultivating relationships, and building trust at your spa event.

Mini workshops are a perfect opportunity to give exposure to new products or services you’ve recently brought into your practice.

7. Partner With Local Businesses

Collaborate with another local business that shares your target market and offer a complementary product or service. Partnering with a local business is a fast way to gain new clients!

If you have a small space or you’re a solopreneur, consider hosting the event at your partner’s location or choose an offsite venue.

For example, you can co-host an event with a local fitness center or a naturopathic doctor, or wellness center.

Other partners to consider include hair salons, health food stores, or a local wine bistro.

You may even create a package that features both your services so you can benefit from each other’s client list.

The opportunities are endless when you partner with a business that shares your target market.

8. Create Special Offers At Your Event

Make attendees feel special by offering exclusive packages only available during the event.

Creating a sense of urgency around your special offer will help increase sales. Share on X

For example, you can bundle a few products and/or services to create something that’s not on your menu.

Or you can offer a gift card or swag bag when guests reserve any regular service during the event. Gift with purchase works too!

The key is to have something special to incentivize attendees to make a purchase right there and then.

Especially for the new guests who come with your clients, entice them to make an appointment before they leave the event.

Consider offering a new-client special to welcome these guests and give them an extra incentive.

9. Add  Urgency To Register

To get more clients to register for your event, add urgency with a sign-up deadline or advertise a limited number of spaces.

You can also offer a special gift to the first 10 or 20 clients who sign up to encourage people to take action.

This will help you not only increase attendance but also better organize the event when you have the total head count finalized ahead of time.

10. Have Fun and Talk It Up

You have to be enthusiastic about your event if you want your clients to be excited about attending it. Share on X

Your energy is contagious. If you’re upbeat, your clients will feel the excitement.

If you’re bummed out or dread any part of the preparation process, your clients will feel the energy too.

Talk about your event with enthusiasm!

One Final Thought: Focus On the Client Experience

As you’re planning your holiday event, always keep your ideal clients in mind.

Design your marketing message and event experience to appeal to the clientele that you want to attract.

Create a hands-on experience and incorporate ample opportunities for you to interact with attendees to cultivate trust and build relationships.

Don’t forget to keep your business objectives in mind so you can design the right offers to set your New Year up for success! Have fun and let me know how it goes!

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