Power of Intuition

Leverage the Power of Intuition For a More Fulfilling Life

Once in a while you get that “gut feeling…” maybe it feels like butterflies in your stomach or maybe it’s a tug in your belly. Do you think it’s nonsense and ignore it or could it be your intuition trying to get your attention to help you make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life?

Do you follow your intuition? How can you use it to guide you to greater fulfillment in business and in life?

I had a wonderful chat with a friend, Sunil Godse, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at an event in Toronto.

Sunil helps people improve their lives, relationships, and businesses by assisting them to leverage the power of intuition. In fact, he coined the term “Intuitionology.”

“Intuition is very complex”, Sunil says. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for recognizing and interpreting your inner guidance.

Our intuitions communicate with us in different ways and it’s up to us to learn the language of this inner wisdom.


The Language Of Intuition

How do you communicate with your intuition? You have to listen to the whispers and understand the different “signals” that intuition comes in.


According to Sunil, we have 4 types of intuition:

Creative Intuition

Creative intuition is what gives entrepreneurs the creative juices.

You’re receiving the guidance of creative intuition when you get the spark or new idea that you can’t wait to run with.


Situational Intuition

This inner wisdom guides you to react to environmental signals so you can respond appropriately.

As an entrepreneur, you can leverage this intuition to your advantage by guiding a dialogue with a client or a potential client in a way that builds rapport and leads to sales.


Experiential Intuition

This fore-knowledge takes all of our experiences to help guide us in our decision-making.

Our inner guidance has the ability to tap into everything from formal education to “street knowledge” to help us make the right choices in split seconds.


Relational Intuition

Relational intuition guides how you relate to others and how they relate to you. It helps you “detect” if others are genuine and authentic, and vice versa.

If you’re in tune with your “Internal intuitive markers,” you may notice that it only takes your bodies seconds to send the signals and help you decide if you can trust someone and do business with them.

Don’t discount that little voice – it can help you make split-second decisions that’ll take your business down the right path.


Use Your Intuition For Business Success

Most people ignore their perceptivity, causing them to face unnecessary struggles, challenges, or failures that could have been avoided.

Sunil recommends dialing up your inner wisdom so it can guide you in life and in business:


Trust Your Intuition

The very first step is to trust that your inner wisdom will teach you a lot about yourself.

Trust that your sixth sense will help you live the life you’re designed to live. Listen to it and allow it to guide you.


Find Your Sacred Place

This is a place or space where you can tap into your intuition and let your creativity flow.

This could be in at the beach, a favorite park, or any place you feel the energy is perfect for you.


Tune Into Your Intuitive Marker

How does your intuition communicate with you? Is it a fluttering in your chest, or a sensation in your belly?

What is that sensation trying to tell you?

Are you making an emotional decision, and do you need to take some time to “sit on it” so you can balance it out with your logical side?


Discern the Signals

When your body sends you a signal, you need to be able to “decipher” the message.

Is it fear or is it a helpful warning? Is the “warning” positive or negative?

It may take some time to learn these signals from your inner guidance. You may make mistakes along the way but that’s just part of the process.

You can’t succeed if you don’t fail but it’ll be worth the effort when you’ve cracked the code.

(Check out Sunil’s book Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.)


Dial Up Your Intuition

That hunch is a powerful tool but it’s important practice listening to the  signals so it can guide you.

Cultivate confidence by knowing what you do well and what you don’t. Gain the knowledge and learn the skills you need to excel.

Be passionate about the work you do, the services you offer, and the products you sell. Focus on what you put into your business and how you can best serve your clients.

Last but not least, be true to yourself. Sunil reminds us there are many naysayers out there. Don’t let them induce fear in you and pull you down if you have an idea that excites and inspires you.

Trust your gut and it’ll reward you with a business and a life that you truly desire and deserve.


Learn more about Sunil Godse here.




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