lead generation for your beauty business

Tap Into The Power Of Lead Generation To Grow Your Esthetician Business

Lead generation can help you grow your beauty business cost-effectively by turning email subscribers into clients. Attracting new clients should always be a part of your growth strategy.

lead generation for your beauty business

Use the power of lead gen and email marketing as a strategy to build relationships with your subscribers.

So, how do you gain new email subscribers?

You must give potential clients a good reason to share their contact information with you. Otherwise, they won’t! This is where lead generation comes in.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation starts with a lead magnet. It’s usually a digital asset such as a PDF, e-book, checklist, or free video that prospects can download in exchange for their email address. 

You have the ability to follow up with these leads and deliver even more value to their inbox. The objective is to turn these leads into paying clients.

More often than not, when prospects land on your website, they’re not ready to book an appointment. A lead magnet gives you the opportunity to give value and then stay in touch with a series of follow up emails. By putting a lead generator on your website, you are improving the buyer’s journey until they are ready to book an appointment with you.

Why Put a Lead Generator On Your Website?

Every single one of your clients starts as a lead. Whether they hear about you via word-of-mouth or online search. Eventually, a potential client discovers your website. 

Lead generation is an important growth strategy for your beauty business. 

Here’s why:

  • If someone discovers your website and doesn’t book an appointment right away, they may leave your site and never come back. A lead generation strategy gives visitors a reason to share their name and email in exchange for a piece of valuable content so you can earn their trust and eventually make a sale..
  • Your business will shrink if you stop attracting new clients. Lead generation is an integral part of a successful client acquisition strategy to support business growth.
  • Lead generation is the most cost-effective marketing strategy to turn prospects into clients. After you invest a bit of time to create a lead magnet, it can live on your website for as long as it’s relevant, so you can gain new leads while you sleep.

How To Create an Effective Lead Magnet

To entice potential clients to share their email addresses, you must offer something they really want. 

The golden rule is to deliver incredible value through your lead generator by solving a pressing problem and positioning yourself as the authority on the topic. 

The topic should also relate to your service offerings, so you can naturally transition into sharing what you do.

Ten Lead Generator Examples   

Here are 10 lead generation examples you can use today to create your own free lead magnet.

  1. A Bride’s Guide to beautiful skin on her wedding day
  2. The Ultimate Acne Clearing Checklist
  3. 10 things you need to know before you get lash extensions
  4. Free Consultation [ insert your topic of expertise ]
  5. 5 tips before you get your first Brazilian wax
  6. 10 Ways to slow down aging without injectables
  7. Makeup Application Video
  8. 8 Causes of Premature Aging
  9. 10 weight loss tips most people don’t know
  10. How to Achieve the Runway Look in 10 Minutes

You can share the content in various formats, such as a PDF guide, a checklist, or a video. Consider the nature of your topic and how you can get your point across most effectively (e.g., video for a makeup demo.) 

Tie Your Lead Generator To The Problems You Solve

As we mentioned, the topic of your lead magnet should solve a problem. Be sure to lead back your skincare products and service offerings. 

What problem can you solve and how can you bundle up your services into a relevant and irresistible offer?

Introduce your brand as the solution at the end of your lead magnet and include a call-to-action. Be sure to paint a picture of what your potential client’s life will look like if they do business with you.

Follow Up With Email Campaigns 

Plan follow-up email campaigns to send to your new subscribers once they downloaded the free content. Highlight the value they have received from your content. 

In your email sequence, give even more value and show how you are the best choice to help them solve their problems.

In your email campaigns be sure to express just enough empathy and authority. You can do this by including any client stories or a client testimonial.

Include a call-to-action to make it easy for your subscribers to take the next step and book with you.

Getting your prospects’ contact information with a lead generator is just the first step in nurturing relationships with your email list. 

In the Esthetician Inner Circle, we focus on advanced marketing strategies to help you cover every stage of the customer journey so you can get more clients and maximize your profits.

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