Legacy Is More Important Than Currency

Is money more important to you or is creating an impact in your community more significant? To think about your legacy, ask yourself the following questions:

What do you want to be known for? How do you want to be remembered?

Are you in business just for the financial reward or do you want to create something bigger than yourself?

Define Your Legacy

We all want to be “successful,” yet success is a very broad term. If we don’t define what success means for us, then we’ll follow other people’s definition and create outcomes that may or may not be meaningful for us.

I believe what most people want in life is “fulfillment” – when we are fulfilled, we feel a sense of accomplishment. Money just becomes the by-product.

There was a point in my life when I was super focused on the money. Don’t get me wrong, money is important. But it’s not my main focus anymore because it doesn’t give me a lasting sense of joy.

In recent years, I have started to turn my attention to building a legacy, which has become the driving force behind everything that I do.

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Your Legacy Starts with a Vision

After coaching numerous spa owners and estheticians to help them build their businesses,  my mission is to elevate the professional beauty industry world through leadership and business education got stronger.

The Beauty Business Summit was born out of a vision to bring together amazing industry leaders to share their genius and truths so beauty professionals could learn and grow.

When I started to put that vision on paper, (in my case, hundreds of Google docs!) I got very clear about the outcome of the Summit and how that connects to my legacy.

Because of that, the Beauty Business Summit turned into something way bigger than myself. The amazing attendees made the Summit take on a life of its own! They created this “high vibration” full of positivity and love for one another.

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My intention was to create a safe learning environment so hearts would open and feel the love. Open to receive the glorious gifts meant specifically for them through a speaker’s message, a casual conversation, or a hug. I wanted to make an attendee go, “Wow” because they felt the collective energy vibrating on a positive level. I wanted attendees to feel energized, united, and willing to step outside their comfort zone together. 

It happened.

The Summit happened by a simple shift in focus to building a legacy. In doing so, attendees left feeling inspired and Paris Beauty College went home with a $10,000 grant.

I still get emails, texts, and messages from attendees pleading to have the same feel at the 2019 Summit in Clearwater, Florida.

None of this could have come to life without our amazing sponsors, speakers, and attendees. Thanks to them, the Beauty Business Summit is now known for the place “beauty industry professionals come to grow.”

It’s my mission to make the 2019 Beauty Business Summit even better. Can I raise the vibration any higher? I’m sure going to try! 

“Our industry is shifting for the better, vibrating higher, thirsting for more leadership, knowledge, and support. BBS brought what we were all craving, a platform to gather together as our true and authentic selves and uplift one another. Collectively, we prayed, cried, laughed, learned, broke bread, and most importantly united as a whole by stepping outside of our comfort zones.”
– Kaelin Jutras of Herbal Skin Solutions

“Thank you, Maxine, for having the courage to do something that hasn’t been done and letting me be a part of it. Thank you to the people who invested in coming and brought such loving energy as well as open minds and hearts ready to receive what they needed.
Thank you to the fellow speakers who I know worked so hard to prepare something fabulous and so valuable. I was not expecting to take home so much inspiration for my own business and life.”
– Brooke Lea Wood of Leawood Studio

“Over the past 2 days I’ve gotten to connect and experience rich conversations with industry professionals who are deeply committed to their own vision within the industry and I come away deeply inspired by all of you and energized to play a bigger game in my own business. What a beautiful circle of collaborative energy the Summit has created. Thank YOU for showing up fully.”
– Kirsten Foss of Kirsten Foss Coaching

Focus Your Actions On Your Legacy

When you shift your focus from just “making money” to “building a legacy”, a transformation will start to happen. Your actions will change and become more aligned with your “life-work”.

I invite you to take a deep look at your own legacy. What is the driving force behind what you do?

What will your big life achievement be? What will you leave behind? Once you have discovered what that is, be willing to put in a laser-like focus to bring your vision to life.

Get your dose of business and leadership inspiration in a loving environment by attending the Beauty Business Summit.

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