Love, Connection, Education and Positive Change: The Beauty Business Summit

Making ConnectionsAttendees, speakers, and sponsors are still talking about the Beauty Business Summit several weeks after the event. When you bring people together in love and harmony, something magical happens and the attendees want to hold onto those memories and feelings for as long as they can.

The common statement from many: “This event was life-changing for me.” Because of this, several have reserved their seats for next year. In fact, VIP seats are selling out fast.

It’s hard to put it into words, but all I can say is that Summit has morphed into this gorgeous gathering that attracts licensed beauty professionals who crave positive change.

Positive Change at the Beauty Business Summit

I believe deep down we fear change, yet we know change is needed for ultimate personal and business growth. The Beauty Business Summit (BBS) has created a space for owners to step out of their comfort zone. Together.

Making Connections

When we feel safe in a loving environment, walls come down and our mind opens. True connections happen when we feel love and empathy towards one another. The presenters were both vulnerable yet gave tangible action steps to help all stages of business development.

By the end of the first day, a true bond formed between everyone at Summit. The room vibrated with positive energy. Especially after viewing beauty school finalist videos and voting for the school most deserving to take home $10,000.

Attendees don’t just experience Positive Change as an attendee; they create positive change in beauty schools by voting. This affects future licensed professionals and the beauty industry as a whole.

By the second day, true friendships have formed, and attendees genuinely want to keep in touch with one another, including sponsors and speakers!

The winning school is announced, and VIP attendees share their last dinner on the rooftop overlooking St. Pete Beach and a glorious sunset.

Sharing Our Love at the Beauty Business Summit

Love poured out of every speaker on stage. Some shared extremely personal stories for the very first time while others have been inspiring thousands of estheticians for many years. A few of the stories had never been told, yet the speakers felt safe to share in the supportive environment that we have created at Summit. Welcome home.

There were tears, laughter, and standing ovations. No judgment just love. Love allows for deep understanding and nourishes a sense of belonging.

When you feel like you belong, magic happens, and connections deepen.

Love allows us to experience incredible human moments during which our barriers come down and we open to receive – whether it’s through a conversation with another attendee, a presentation from one of our moving speakers, or as something as simple as a hug.

Making Connections at the Beauty Business Summit

As human beings, we yearn for connection and we crave relationships. When we connect in a genuine and supportive environment, our being comes alive.

Especially for those of us who work alone in a treatment room and run our businesses as a solo practitioner, we need to proactively reach out and connect with colleagues and other like-minded individuals for support and encouragement.

Although some of the attendees have connected on social media before the event, meeting in person for the first time in such a warm space was an uplifting experience for all of us.

Beauty Business Summit - Making Connections

Even the sponsors felt the difference as attendees poured into the “Experience Beauty” section to connect and learn about products, treatments, classes, and modalities. The room was buzzing with positivity and rich conversations.

Promoting Education at the Beauty Business Summit

Attendees traveled from all over the country and Canada to learn from industry leaders they follow and love. The theme for the Summit will always focus on leadership, business, and marketing – the key areas in which beauty business owners need the most support.

We believe that everything starts with education and the mission is to introduce different perspectives and topics so attendees are exposed to a variety of opinions.

Because we cultivate a safe space, attendees are not afraid to ask questions, speak out, and talk about their challenges, fears, and blocks.

We also emphasize interactive learning and storytelling, which help ideas stick. This year, we covered topics such as hiring employees, executing contracts, retiring on retail sales, and running a profitable practice.

We had worksheets, used sticky notes, and broke into groups for various exercises. In addition, we nurtured our spiritual side with breathing exercises and grounding exercises for a holistic experience.

Paying It Forward with the Beauty Business Summit

Many attendees’ favorite part of the Summit is knowing that 100% of the ticket proceeds and sponsor gifts are paid forward to a deserving beauty school dedicated to creating positive changes in our industry.

During the past year, beauty schools from across the U.S. submitted a 3-minute video answering our 3 questions:

Why do you need $10,000 and what positive changes will be made in the school?

How do these positive changes affect the school’s community?

What will these changes do for the beauty industry as a whole?

The beauty business summit team and sponsors selected five finalists that they believed could make the greatest impact with the $10,000 grant. (Hint: those schools were very specific about how they would utilize $10,000.)

At the end of the first day at the Summit, we shared the 5 finalists’ video submissions. Each school owner spoke for 5 minutes on stage, with the goal of winning the attendees’ votes, which determines who’ll receive the grant.

The winner for 2019 BBS Grant is Desarae Marhofer, owner of Beautiful You Skincare Academy in Pueblo, CO.

Experience the Love, Connection, and Learning Yourself!

Many of this year’s Beauty Business Summit attendees shared, “This year was better than last year!” and many are already looking forward to next year’s event, which is scheduled for October 4-5, 2020 at The Don Cesar in St. Pete. Beach, Florida.

Some people wonder if I worry about having to meet the high expectations and deliver yet another exceptional Summit experience. To that, I’d say – there’s always room for improvement. I am open and listen to what attendees want, so I am confident to create an exceptional experience year after year.

We’re already hard at work putting together next year’s Beauty Business Summit!

If this type of event speaks to you, we recommend securing your seat now as more than ½ of VIP seats have already sold!

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