Mastering the Sales Process In Your Beauty Business

As a beauty business owner, your job is so much more than delivering services.

You have to sustain and grow your business, which means you have to master the art of selling – after all, if you can’t sell your products or services, you don’t have a business.

When you invest money in advertising and resources into spa marketing, making the sale is the “last mile” that convert your marketing efforts into revenue.

Improve Spa Sales With the Right Team

If you’re building a team, you need team members with strong selling skills. When I work with VIP clients to help them expand their businesses, I make sure that they’re hiring the right people for the front desk position.

Why? Because that person is one of the most important client-facing team members who will make a first impression on everyone that walks through your door.

This front desk person isn’t just someone to answer the phone, book appointments, or fold laundry. The right team member can help you grow and scale your business by delivering an outstanding experience through every single client interaction.

The front desk team member should be a salesperson by nature. Sure, you need to provide the appropriate training but she needs to have the disposition to build connections with different types of people.

It’s important that this person is natural in sales and good with interpersonal interactions (e.g., be able to build rapport with clients quickly.) Excellent people skills are necessary, but having a sixth-sense for client needs is even better.

Solo Esthetician Mindset And Skill Set – Increase Sales

Selling can be a weak spot for solo estheticians. This is often times connected to confidence levels. What you believe becomes your truth, so it’s necessary to have the right mindset.

Committing to inner work and daily rituals can help strengthen your mindset, which increases confidence. When you’re in a confident state, you’ll be on fire with sales!

Don’t forget to “ask” for the sale – the truth is, if you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it! However, “asking for the sale” doesn’t mean you have to be pushy.

Sales mastery skills have nothing to do with being “pitchy,” and most people find that to be a complete turn-off.

Many solo estheticians don’t have a lot of time between clients, so retail sales can suffer. In this instance, it’s important to deliver key points while not coming across “pushy”. You may need to practice your flow and learn how to build client rapport to get it just right.

The Sales Mastery Process

The key to mastering the sales process is to know as much about your clients as you can. Ask open-ended questions and listen empathetically to find out what your clients want when they visit your spa.

When you find out what your clients need, you can make recommendations by focusing on how your products or services can help solve their problem. Get clear on the unique value proposition of your services and empower your team members to share it with your clients (e.g., by providing the right tools or sales materials.)

When you have your clients’ best interest in mind, you’re also in the position of educating them about their best options and offering them the most helpful solutions. For example, you may have to challenge their assumptions or perceptions so they can better understand the value of a treatment.

Don’t try to push for a sale if a product or service isn’t the right fit for the client. Honesty and integrity is the key to cultivating long-term client relationships and loyalty. Clients will trust your opinions if you always put their interest first and as a result, they’d be more likely to follow your recommendations.

In addition, leverage the power of personalization by listening to your clients during treatments so you can provide customized recommendations on retail products to increase your revenue.

Fall In Love With Your Clients

The foundation for mastering your sales process is to fall in love with your clients – not your products or services.

Prioritize your client experience and optimize each interaction. Ask the right questions, listen to your clients with an empathetic ear, and provide thoughtful, personalized recommendations.

That process alone will add value to your clients’ experience.

Be of “HELP” not “Hype.” When you invest effort into building trust and strengthening client relationships, you’ll earn long-term clients with high lifetime value.

To make your marketing investment work harder, you need to master the sales process. Selling is part mindset and part skill set – you’ll get the training and support to master both when you join our business and marketing membership program designed exclusively for estheticians. Learn more about it here.

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