How To Write A Mission Statement For Your Spa Business

write an inspirational mission statement Writing a mission statement for your spa business may feel hard to do at first.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself to craft a meaningful mission statement:

  1. What are you on a mission to do? What is your objective? (Something that you’re trying to overcome.)
  2. What will happen when you achieve your mission?
  3. How will you help change the lives of others?

Most business mission statements are not that impressive or interesting. In fact, very few mission statements actually convey “the Mission they are on!”

By the end of this article, you will know how to write your mission and why it matters for business growth.

You might ask yourself; “Do I really need a mission statement for my spa business? I mean, I’m not a big company…I am a solo esthetician…”

The answer is a resounding “yes!”

Your mission statement is a core element to all of your marketing efforts. Plus, it will help align your team (if you have employees).

A mission statement is valuable because it will help you position your business in a way that’s attractive to your ideal clients. This helps you create a powerful and consistent marketing brand message as you grow your business.

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a summary that tells what your business does and why. It communicates what you are trying to overcome so you can bring other people along with you. People love a good challenge…so get them interested in yours!

Your mission will align people to join you in a fight against what? What are you “saving” people from? What will happen if your mission is not completed? Will something be lost? What will your community or the world look if you carry out your mission?

A well-crafted mission statement should be inspirational and memorable. A compelling mission helps your business stand out since most spas don’t explain why they are in business in the first place.

Why Do You Need a Mission Statement?

Your mission is the driving force behind the strategies and tactics you use to grow your business and your team.

Long story short, your mission statement (along with knowing your target market) is the foundation for all marketing communications. Your mission explains why your business exists.

Having a powerful statement will help unite a team around your mission. You will know which team members to hire to help you overcome your great challenge. For example, your employees will understand why they come to work for you every day. You can even begin team meetings by reciting the company mission. 

Convey what each team member needs to do in order to complete the mission. If you’re a solo spa owner, it is still necessary to have a mission because your work still matters. 

Your Decision To Partner With Other Brands

Think about why you decide to partner up with a skincare line or buy from a particular brand. There are many comparable skin care products on the market. Why do you choose to do business with a particular company?

As a result, their philosophy, values, and ethics define your perception of the brand. How they show up and do business has probably affected your decision.

It’s no different when your clients decide to do business with you. Potential clients want to work with someone they resonate with. Choosing an esthetician is a reflection of their personal identity and what they stand for.

Clients make their decisions based on how we communicate and show up – which in turn, is guided by our mission statement.

In addition, when you’re ready to expand and grow your team, you want to attract the right people and build a team that truly reflects your company’s brand identity.

Your mission statement will help define your brand personality and ensure that your team is delivering a consistent customer experience that’s in alignment with your vision.

How To Define Your Mission Statement

Let’s put it all together and show you how to define your mission statement.

Example miss from Aveda:

“Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.”

Ask Yourself These Questions When Writing

  • What problem or challenge are you trying to overcome?
  • How does your brand overcome it?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • What value are you adding?
  • How are you doing it better than anyone else? (This is also a great question to hone in on your unique selling proposition.)
  • What differentiates you from others in the beauty industry?

Why did you open an esthetician business, to begin with? Why are you doing what you do?

Notice the word “why.” People want to know what drives you to do what you do. Of course, when I talk about “why” I can’t leave Simon Sinek, the author of “Start With Why,” out of the picture. Simply put, people are drawn to you by why you do what you do, not simply what you do.

When you can communicate the reason that drives your work, you’ll be able to connect with your ideal clients at a level that goes beyond pricing, products, and services.

Invite Clients Into A Story

People buy for emotional reasons and stories are a powerful way to get people interested in what you do. 

Invite your clients into a story that shares how you solve their skin problems and how your brand will help them win the day.

You don’t have to share your entire life journey. That would not be interesting to your clients. Sprinkle in just enough empathy and authority to let clients know you are the right person to help solve their problems.

Don’t judge your story. Don’t make it about you. Make it about your clients.

Tell a story about how your clients’ lives are better because of the work that you do. Think about how your experience delivers value to your clients.

If you’re not adding value to your clients’ lives, there’s no reason for them to use your services.

Refine Your Mission Statement

After you have written out the answers to the questions and mapped out your story, you need to refine the verbiage and condense the content until you can succinctly talk about “what you do, why you do it, and what makes you different.”

This is not just a writing exercise.

Crafting a mission statement has a mindset component, which is often overlooked.

When you can succinctly talk about the “what you do, how you do it, and why it matters” with conviction, your confidence will skyrocket.

You’re a leader. Your contribution to your community matters as you enhance someone’s life every single day.

Never, ever, think that just because you’re a solo esthetician or a small business owner, you’re not making a difference in the lives of those you serve.

How To Use Your Mission Statement

Now that you know how to write your mission statement, let’s discuss how to use it. Incorporate your mission statement in your marketing communications. Put it on your website about page, use it in your bio, and share it with the world on your social media profiles.

Your mission statement helps you stay consistent in your messaging and consistency builds trust.

If you need practical training to help build your esthetician business, learn more about our business and marketing membership program! It’s designed to help you clarify your marketing message so that you attract the right clients and earn more money. It’s that simple. 🙂

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