Create Success In Your Beauty Business With A Morning Ritual

As a Beauty business owner, you have a hundred things vying for attention. Engage in morning rituals to create a predictable, successful outcome each and every day.

Do you have a set of practices to ensure a successful day ahead? The morning activities you engage in either set you up for success or defeat.

If you let everyone else’s priority determine how your day is going to unfold, you can easily become overwhelmed and feel out of control. Not to mention, you’d be constantly putting out fires instead of doing what’s really going to have an impact on your bottom line.

How can you stay focused so you can create predictable results for your business?

If you have been following me for a while, you probably know that I’m the founder of the Beauty Business Summit.

In addition, I have quite a few clients in my Elite VIP private coaching program and also need to make sure that our members in the Esthetician Inner Circle are getting the latest business and marketing content to grow their beauty businesses.

I have many spa owners and estheticians ask me how I do it all? How am I not overwhelmed and how do I make sure nothing slips through the cracks?

My secret weapon is my morning ritual – because how you start your day sets the stage. A morning ritual helps me set the tone for the day so I can create the outcomes I desire.

If you want to achieve predictable results for your business, you need to structure your day in a predictable way. Starting your day with a morning ritual puts you in the driver’s seat instead of reacting to whatever email lands in your inbox or text you receive.

I’m sharing with you a few must-do activities from my own morning ritual. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what a morning ritual should look like. I hope mine will spark some ideas for you so you can design a ritual that inspires and motivates you:

1. Gratitude

I’m an early riser and I never have to set an alarm to get me out of bed. My passion for my work is more than enough to motivate me to jump out of bed and start the day.

I always start my day with gratitude. As I plant my two feet on the floor and get out of bed, I say to myself with a smile, “Thank. You.” I’m thankful for having another day to do the work that I do, to serve the clients I love, and to contribute to the industry that I’m so passionate about.

I also take my dog out for a “gratitude walk” during which I walk in silence, become aware of my surroundings, and say thank you for all the little things around me. I take this time to contemplate on my daily list and visualize the desired outcomes – a practice that helps me create predictable results.

2. Daily List

The key to staying focused throughout the day is to know exactly what you need to accomplish that day.

I write down three high impact items I want to accomplish on that particular day. These three items need to be in alignment with my overall goal and long-term vision.

Ask yourself: Who are the important people I need to connect with today? What are the outcomes I desire? What are the game-changing tasks I can do to make the biggest impact on my business?

This ritual is vital for any spa owner because often times we tend to put off the important projects and do the smaller (and easier) tasks that make us look busy and “productive” when in fact, we’re just busy being busy.

3. Exercise and Nutrition

I incorporate exercises in my morning ritual because it gives me the endorphins (happy hormone) boost that helps me stay energetic all day.

In addition, I make sure that I start my day right with the proper nutrition. My go-to is a green shake made with loads of greens (e.g., kale, spinach,) flax milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado, a few frozen berries, and pea protein.

Even though I’m not a competitive athlete anymore, I definitely need the nutrition for my brain to function properly. I make sure my diet contains enough good fats (e.g., omega 3) to give my brain the fuel it needs for creative and critical thinking.

4. High-Impact Tasks

Most people do their best work in the morning hours when we’re fresh and energized from a good night’s rest.

Set aside time in the morning to tackle the three most important items you have on your daily list. Save the less impactful tasks that don’t require as much energy or focus for later in the day.

Not to mention, when you start the day by accomplishing some high-impact tasks, you feel empowered and energized – setting the right tone for the rest of the day.


Having a morning ritual is the key to starting your day successfully and creating predictable outcomes that you desire.

Do you have a morning ritual? Leave a comment below and share what’s the most impactful for you:

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