How To Stay Motivated As A Beauty Business Owner

Many spa professionals I’ve spoken with have expressed how difficult it is to stay motivated while running their beauty businesses – whether they are leading a team of service providers or work alone. When we feel inspired – we are motivated to do what it takes to improve the areas of our life.

Building a business is not easy. It takes guts to own a business. It takes grit to keep one. When we are motivated – it’s like we’ve gained a super power and can handle any task.

As I like to tell my students and coaching clients, building a business is a long game. Many people simply don’t stick with it long enough to become successful.

Check out these 7 ways to help you stay inspired and motivated while working towards your personal and business goals.

1. Replace Goal Setting With Dream Setting

Many people find it hard to set goals and stick with them. Setting a goal can feel like a daunting task, while dream setting can feel energizing since you are visualizing your future and what your life will look like.

From there, it’s easier to set up action steps that will bring you closer to the life you want to be living.

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Don’t set goals. Instead, set dreams. Design your business to help you reach your dreams. You will be more inclined to do the work and follow through.

2. Create A Plan

Map out what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Keep your plan simple and attainable. You’re less likely to stick with your plan if you make things too complicated.

I find it helpful to create a vision board to help bring your dreams to life. 

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3. Focus On Essential Activities

When you get clear about your dreams and design a plan, you’ll know what you need to do to get there.

You can now focus on these essential activities to build your business, instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything that everyone is telling you to do.

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4. Develop Success Rituals

If you know me, you know I love rituals. Successful people have morning routines that they practice daily to prime their brains for success.

Design a set of daily habits that’ll take you closer to your dreams and stick with it.

For me, I get up early, exercise, and spend time with thoughts and gratitude. I run with my dog and spend time writing and learning. My entire morning is a ritual and I don’t deviate. It’s my non-negotiable appointment with myself.

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5. Attend Inspirational Events

Being in business on your own can be lonely. It’s important to attend events that spark your inner creativity.

I love attending events that motivate and inspire me. It has been on my dream list to meet Tony Robbins and this year, I get to!

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do for you, hands down. Not only will it improve your life, but it will improve the lives of others.

You can also look for industry-specific events, such as the Beauty Business Summit, during which you’ll not only get inspired but also gain new knowledge and meet like-minded individuals who are also mission driven to be their best.

6. Make Time For Yourself

Making time for myself hasn’t been easy for me. I’m a workaholic – my work is my play and the hardest thing for me is to enjoy some time off.

However, I can’t express how valuable it is to make time for yourself.

Things shifted for me when I committed to taking one day a week to unplug, during which I turn off my phone and don’t answer emails.

I utilize my “off” time to go on an adventure. I love traveling and experiencing new things. Making time for yourself will allow you to tap into your imagination and come up with new ideas.

Creativity needs space and we need the quiet time to replenish ourselves.

7. Set Incentives for Yourself

Break up your plan into “bite-size” milestones. Set up a “reward system” to incentivize yourself when you hit your mini milestones.

These rewards don’t have to be elaborated – they could be a massage, a shopping spree, or a trip – whatever makes you feel fulfilled.

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