How To Deal With Negative Clients

Every now and then we get that negative client who manages to make us feel drained and unsettled. How do you deal with negative energy that enters your treatment room or spa and disrupts your blissful space?

This client might be rude, say negative things, or make overly critical comments that make you feel uneasy or stressed. Perhaps this person is just having a bad day. What are some of the ways you handle negativity?

Negative clients can turn your tranquil environment upside down. Not only do they make the duration of the treatment unpleasant but such toxic energy can also impact your entire day.

We don’t have a negative client detector in our online scheduler (yet!)… How can you protect your energy (and sanity) so you’re not affected when a negative client walks into your spa business?

The key is to take responsibility for your own mental and emotional state by doing the self-work.

Here are a few things I have learned from working with clients for over 27 years:

Stay Centered

You can’t control who walks into your practice,  but you can control how you respond by staying centered so that you don’t get sucked into anyone else’s drama.

Take some time each day to go inward and reflect. It’ll not only help you stay balanced emotionally but also help you become more empathetic with your clients.

Staying centered gives you the ability to deflect negative energy when it arises, or perhaps lend an empathetic ear when needed.

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Practice Daily Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice can be anything that helps you stay in the present moment. This could be a meditation practice or just being still.

I find that a simple daily gratitude walk does wonders for my well being. I practice being present and tune into my surroundings and nature.

My experiences are different every day, but I just let them happen and enjoy what is in front of me. Mindfulness practices helps me become more accepting of myself and of others.

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Perform Self-Reiki

Another one of my favorite ways to nurture myself and stay centered, is to practice self-Reiki for 30 minutes each morning. I am my own healer when I perform Self-Reiki. The benefits can be profound and beautiful way to start the day to feel balanced and at peace.

One of my favorite Reiki Master’s is Linda Bertaut, who happens to be one of our Keynote speakers at the Beauty Business Summit this October 2018 in Hawaii. I highly recommend her Reiki training classes. She will teach you how to perform self-reiki! This is such a valuable tool for anyone in the service industry where touching others is part of our day.

Practice Compassion and Empathy

When we encounter a negative client, keep in mind that something bad may have happened. This person might be hurting. They might be in a emotional or physical pain. What a person is projecting has nothing to do with you. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t offer help or assistance.

It’s important to practice compassion, humility, and empathy. When you treat your clients non-judgmentally, you’re giving them the space they need to feel better. This could actually be quite healing for them. You might be able to pull them out of their funk. After all….we’ve all had “bad” days!

Learn From the Negative Situation

Dealing with difficult clients often gives us the opportunity to look at our business differently. When I encounter negative clients, I examine the situation to see what I can learn from it.

Ask yourself: how can this client and this situation help me become better at serving my other clients?

Perhaps this new insight will give you the ability to respond differently or put a policy in place to avoid an unpleasant misunderstanding in the future.

Support Your Team

A negative client could affect your team and how they treat one another! Your team’s exposure to this negativity could also affect other clients. 

Support your team by letting them know that you’re on their side. Help them stay calm so they don’t participate in the client’s negativity and the situation doesn’t escalate. Instead, offer kindness and support.

Encourage your team members to handle themselves with professional courtesy and a kind heart when a client is overly challenging.

Coach your team to handle stressful situations and help them realize that it’s nothing personal. Distill outstanding customer service by showing empathy and compassion.

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