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How To Create and Enforce a Cancellation Policy For Your Spa Business

Having a clear cancellation policy is essential for operating a successful beauty business. Such policy saves you time, energy, and more important – money!

However, for many spa owners, crafting and enforcing cancellation policies is often more complicated and challenging than it seems.

Why You Need a Cancellation Policy For Your Spa Business

There’s no question that you need to have a cancellation policy.

It helps standardize your operation, streamline your processes, reduce your stress level, and free you up to focus on income-generating activities.

You don’t have to spend time and mental energy on figuring out what to do with each client when she doesn’t show or is late for an appointment. Not to mention, fret over lost income.

In addition, with a clear policy in place you don’t have to run around “putting out fires.” It empowers your team to handle no-show situations with a polished and professional system.

Putting the right policies in place isn’t something to skimp on, even if you’re just starting your business. They project a professional image, increase trust from clients, and most important of all – cultivate the mindset to help you take your business seriously!

The Key To Writing a Powerful Spa Cancellation Policy

Many spa owners write up their cancellation policies as a reaction to having a bunch of late or no-show clients.

They’re losing money and they’re frustrated. When they write from this reactive mental place, it’s easy to fall into the “ranting” trap.

People can perceive the negative energy that comes through your words. You’d risk driving new clients away when peopl read the policies and sense that “rant edge” – after all, who wants to feel bad when visiting a spa?

Even though your cancellation policy needs to embody your business values (which often overlaps with your personal values), it shouldn’t be “personal.” Make sure you’re presenting it in an objective tone without being emotional.

Just like other pieces of client-facing materials, your cancellation policy is a reflection of your brand and your business. It should be written in a way that’s professional and in alignment with your brand image.

The Challenges of Implementing a Spa Cancellation Policy

Writing up a cancellation policy is often the easy part. Many service professionals and spa owners have trouble when it comes time to implementing a cancellation policy.

Why is that?

For many spa owners, it’s a matter of establishing healthy boundaries. If you have challenges upholding healthy boundaries in your personal life, you may find it hard to put a stake in the ground and adhere to a policy in your business.

Some beauty professionals have challenges setting boundaries because of fear and anxiety. Fear or anxiety that clients would dislike them, criticize them, or give them a bad online review.

If you have challenges in enforcing your cancellation policy (or other sales policies,) you may want to dig deeper – it’s often a great learning moment to see what’s really holding you back.

The reality is that when you adhere to your policies, you’re making sure that you’re treating all your clients equally. You’re upholding your business values as a leader and you will earn the respect of your clients.

Adhering To Your Cancellation Policy With Love and Kindness

Enforcing a cancellation policy helps protect you from clients who habitually fail to show up for their appointments.

However, life does happen and once in a while, we need to exercise some discernment and flexibility. Listen to your clients first and get the full story before making a decision about enforcing your policy.

For example, if a loyal client is unable to make an appointment due to a family emergency and you’re charging her full price for the no-show, you’re likely to lose that client.

Communication is key when you enforce your cancellation policy. Practice empathetic listening with your clients so you can act with compassion while upholding healthy boundaries and adhering to your personal and business values with integrity.

Navigating the grey areas can be challenging. As a business owner and entrepreneur, we’re always getting comments from people on what we should and shouldn’t do.

To help establish healthy boundaries and uphold your business values, it’s important to put together an inner circle of four or five people whom you trust.

This inner circle are people who will give you honest feedback. You trust and respect their opinions and they understand your values. When you encounter sticky situations in your business, you can turn to this inner circle for guidance instead of reacting to everyone’s opinions.

Running a successful spa business is part skillset and part mindset. You get to hone in on both when you join the Esthetician Inner Circle, in which you’ll learn my tried-and-true strategies to get more clients and grow your business.

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