Set Your Beauty Business Apart With SculptICE Body Treatments

Set your business apart with SculptICE beauty treatments

We have heard from many estheticians that while some clients are still reluctant to receive facial treatments, more people are seeking body treatments. This presents a great opportunity to set yourself apart by meeting client demand with SculptIce Body Treatments. 

What Is SculptICE?

SculptICE is a breakthrough product that breaks down fat cells through thermogenesis. They are then removed by the lymphatic system to achieve a sculpting effect.

The natural ingredients in the product activate internal blood flow and aid the body to get rid of toxins. It enhances the production of collagen and elastin while dissolving fat deposits to achieve firmer and toner skin. Skin will become oxygenated, revitalized, and cellulite-free.

Since every client is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. Ania Botero, CEO of ScultpICE recommends at least 3 sessions to break down adipose tissue (fat), promote thermogenesis to achieve dramatic results, and deliver a skin tightening effect.

Why Offer SculptICE Body Treatments in Your Beauty Business? 

Offering SculptICE treatments can help you overcome some of the challenges that estheticians face in today’s market:

  • A portion of clients is not ready to have close-up, face-to-face interactions (e.g., facial treatments) with their estheticians.
  • Many people are still trying to shed their COVID-19 weight gain and looking for non-invasive ways to do so (i.e., liposuction alternatives.)
  • Body treatments are in high demand post-COVID as people gear up to return to normal (plus, summer is here!)
  • Discover your niche with SculptICE Body Treatments.

Body treatments are gaining popularity among consumers, and the demand for plastic surgery is on the rise. Yet, not everyone wants to go under the knife. SculptICE reduces fat with no incisions, no scars, and no downtime — making it a great alternative for clients who don’t want to undergo surgery.

Meanwhile, many people aren’t ready for facial treatment because of the face-to-face nature of these services. Offering body treatments not only supplements your income but also keeps existing clients coming back to your business. When they’re ready for facial treatments, you’ll be top of mind. SculptICE has helped many spa businesses generate revenue during the trying times of COVID and spa closures.

Set Your Beauty Business Apart with SculptICE

Introducing SculptICE treatments in your spa is a smart business move to differentiate yourself in the market. As we have seen time and again, spa owners who are willing to do something new and different to stay ahead of the curve often come out ahead. 

These treatments are more than just a fad. You can easily grow your body service department and rake in some serious revenue. You can get started with a small investment, so the potential for generating a high return is phenomenal.

Keep Your Clients Coming Back with SculptICE

SculptICE helps improve your business model by diversifying your income stream. Not to mention, clients who get SculptICE body treatments love it. The skin tightening and toning benefits are amazing, so they are guaranteed to return again and again.

As a beauty business coach, I’m all about bringing in treatments that create residual income. It’s not just about the money – it’s about paying attention to the demand! Your clients will fall in love with the benefits of SculptICE. The aromatherapy component is amazing also. It will certainly create a pampering experience much needed during this stressful time!

Get SculptICE Certified

To offer SculptICE treatments in your spa, you need to attend certification training. It will show you how to use the tools in Metal Therapy and Madero (wood) Therapy. 

You’ll receive a 2-hour training with Ania, as well as an instruction booklet and a certification diploma. You’ll also be added to the list of experts on SculptICE’s website, so potential clients in your area can easily find you. This also gives you a great way to expand your client base! Ready to get started? Use this unique “Maxine sent me” link to sign up for your certification training and receive $250-worth of free SculptICE products!
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