The Secret To Exceptional Productivity In Your Esthetician Business

Do you find it hard to focus or complete simple tasks in your esthetician business? What’s the secret to exceptional productivity? You want to be productive, yet you are unsure of what to zero in on each day.

The Secret to Exceptional Productivity in your Esthetician Business Maxine Drake blog

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed because you are about to become more productive in your business!

As an entrepreneur and esthetician business owner, it’s important to accomplish things on a daily basis that move your company forward. The secret is to focus on 3 important tasks per day. 

Take charge each day and stay focused on urgent and important tasks.

Start with the tasks that fuel long-term business growth.

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Less is More: Prioritize Three Tasks Every Day

Take charge of your day and only prioritize three tasks. It’s easy to feel like all of your tasks are important but try hard to choose your top three. Less is more.

I recommend keeping things simple. If you make your to-do list too long, then overwhelm will take over and you’re back to that “paralysis” state. 

You’ll want to put strategy into your prioritization. Think ahead of the important things you wish to accomplish.

A Simple Process To Prioritize Tasks

  • Consider your overall strategy for the week. What do you need to accomplish to achieve your business goals for the week, month, and year? Hint: Aligning your actions with your mission helps you figure out what you should do every day.
  • List out important and income-generating tasks such as writing, lining up sales calls, or working on your marketing strategy. Every day, select three (and only three!) most important tasks for the day that will bring your business closer to your vision.
  • For the majority of us, we’re most productive in the morning. Therefore, I recommend setting aside time to attend to these important tasks early in the day when your energy level is high and your head is clear. For example, my morning schedule consists of writing blog posts, course materials, marketing emails, or website copy.
  •  Save your routine activities that don’t require as much focus for later in the day. This can include replying to emails or posting on social media. Identify outsource or delegate so you can focus on creating the most value.

Being Productive Is Empowering

Being productive makes you feel empowered! It’s quite contagious, to say the least! You will be centered and focused on what matters most for your business. Be realistic when scheduling your tasks to make sure that you can complete them within the allocated time. If something seems too big, chunk it down into smaller tasks.

Perfectionism can keep some people stuck. It can even lead to procrastination and psychological distress. If that happens to you, set a realistic timeline for each task and remember that “done is better than perfect!

One big secret to exceptional productivity is to stay laser-focused on the task at hand. Multi-tasking means your energy is spread too thin. It’s important to focus on only three main tasks per day. Our brain can’t handle much more than that before “the overwhelm” kicks in. You’ll also achieve a sense of accomplishment when you check everything off your list at the end of the day. This creates a positive feedback loop that’ll energize you to tackle the next day’s work.

“What Gets Scheduled Gets Done. Yeah!”

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

~ Stephen R. Covey

You are more likely to finish tasks that are scheduled on your calendar. I use Google Calendar to manage my daily tasks. You can use iCal or any calendar application that works for you. 

Google Calendar allows you to enter each task into the calendar. It feels great to check it off once it’s completed! Seeing completed tasks on your calendar gives you a sense of pride and achievement. You will build momentum.

Staying productive in your beauty business day-in and day-out can be challenging. We help hold you accountable in the Esthetician Inner Circle. Get support and help as you learn the skills you need to focus on the most important tasks that will take you closer to your career vision.

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