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Top 3 Overlooked Esthetician Business Success Elements


There is a lot more to running a successful esthetician business than just being the best at skin care. It also requires developing your unique brand, nurturing a dedicated client base, and building a stellar reputation. However, even with those priorities addressed, there are many other factors that impact one’s business potential.

Learn the top 3 most commonly overlooked esthetician business success elements so you are ready for success.

Esthetician Business Success Elements

1. Have a clear vision of the business you want to create. I coach all of my clients to keep a daily journal or notebook to document their business thoughts and goals. I feel it is important to track daily progress, as well as document life experiences for personal and professional growth. I also recommend spending time in solitude because creativity needs space and focus. During this time, it’s essential to turn off all distractions, such as phone and email notifications. A great way to start is by listing out what it is you really want. Follow that up by how you plan to get it. Write down a timeline so your goals are measurable.

2. Look at the business numbers. Understanding what the numbers mean is an important element. Many estheticians have shared with me during coaching sessions that they are intimidated by doing bookkeeping. Try to look at the dashboard every week. You need to know where your money is going as well as where it is coming from in order to make educated decisions on spending for future business growth.

Here are just a few of the questions:

• How many clients do you have in your entire database?
• How many clients do you actually see (as opposed to appointments scheduled) each month? What is your average service ticket?
• How much retail is sold per month?
• What is the Retail to Service Ratio? (RSR)
• What is your retention rate?

3. Plan properly. Running a successful business takes more than just planning for success. It also requires planning for dry spells or unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately 80% of estheticians struggle and eventually close their doors. This could be totally avoided with planning to accumulate necessary items such as cash reserves, capital, and backup employees.

*Bonus Success Element

4. Build a Team. No one can build a business alone. The most successful entrepreneurs recognize the importance of alliances, mentors, and coaches.

By learning the most overlooked elements of success you can take the necessary actions to avoid them.

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