Understanding “Cause and Effect” in Your Esthetic Business

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You have probably heard about the rule of “cause and effect,” which states that for every action there’s a reaction. Let’s have a deeper understanding of how this rule affects your esthetic business and your life.

Which Side of the “Cause and Effect” Equation Are You On?

Being at cause means that you create the things you want in your esthetic business and your life.

When you’re on the “cause side” of the equation, you’re in charge of your life and you are empowered to achieve the results you want.

You understand that you have choices. If things don’t go your way, you become proactive and creative to find solutions. You take responsibility for the results of your actions and you notice opportunities that lead you to your main objective.

Being at cause also means you’re open to exploring new and different opportunities, which is the key to success in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

On the other hand, when you’re on the “effect side” of the equation, you might blame someone or something that is keeping you from achieving your goals — provoking you to take on the victim role. This can make you feel powerless about making changes.

Unfortunately, society tends to focus on the “effect side” and many of us are conditioned to think that way. For example, we often hear people say that other people or external factors prevent them from building the esthetic business they want.

Individuals on the “effect side” tend to point fingers and blame external circumstances as to why they can’t have something. This is certainly not an empowering position to be in.

Be at Cause in Your Esthetic Business

Positioning yourself on the “cause side” is the key to achieving your goals in your esthetic business. Being “at cause”, changes your mindset, puts you in the driver’s seat, and allows you to see opportunities that others miss.

Here are a few things you can do to proactively put yourself on the “cause side” as a beauty business owner:

  • Listen to your intuition: if your heart is called to do something — go for it! Trust that the Universe will conspire when you take action and shoot for what you want in your life. Having confidence in yourself is the first step in taking charge of your destiny.
  • Nurture your curiosity: I don’t know about you, but I love getting curious when it comes to running my business. I always ask myself, “How can I make things better? What can I do differently to set my business apart?” Asking these questions can help you see hidden opportunities and devise innovative solutions that will take you closer to your goals.
  • Be mindful of your word choices: words have power. What we say and how we say things can alter how we perceive ourselves and our circumstances. Whenever you blame someone for your situation or say that you can’t do something because of other people, you’re disempowering yourself. Watch your words!
  • Be resourceful: you’re making yourself a victim of external circumstances if you wait for others to show you what to do. Take charge and build a support network, explore new modalities, learn new ways to serve your clients, and empower yourself with the latest business and marketing strategies. What new skills could help you in your current situation? Seek out help and solid advice.

Be at Cause in Your Life

I believe that it’s human nature to want to be “at cause” and create amazing things in our lives. We want to be in charge and take responsibility because doing so makes us feel empowered and energized!

Here’s what you can do to put yourself on the “cause side” of the equation in your life:

  • Cultivate mindfulness: notice when you’re blaming others or life’s situations for not having what you want. This is the first step to empowering yourself because it expands your awareness and prompts you to examine what’s truly holding you back.
  • Decide to change: we can change in an instant simply by making empowering decisions and following through. Stop blaming other people or outside events for your lack of follow-through; you can decide to take positive steps forward instead of self-sabotaging; you can decide to let go of your excuses.
  • Create a supportive environment: hang around other individuals who also take responsibility instead of playing the victim role. They’ll call you out when you make excuses and their actions will be your best reminders when you slip into the “effect side.”
  • Explore opportunities: pushing the boundaries and trying new things will help you gain the confidence you need to take charge of your life. Do you have some projects you have put on the back burner because of “other things?” Take baby steps and get them done! It’s all about a 1% daily improvement. You’ll build the confidence and momentum you need to do even more!

It’s time to take charge and put yourself in the driver’s seat! We can do this! Keep going!

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