VIP Spa Experience

How To Create a VIP Spa Experience To Get Premium Clients

How often do you invest time and attention to improve the spa guest experience for your clients?  The key to attracting premium clients is to create a VIP luxury experience they will never forget.

Most estheticians do a “good” job every single appointment but are we putting in the effort to create an exceptional VIP spa experience and make it so memorable that your clients can’t wait to come back for more?

Delivering an outstanding client experience isn’t just a “feel good” thing anymore. In today’s experience economy, consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

How your clients experience your brand can make the difference between just surviving and really thriving.

VIP Spa Experience

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What Does It Mean To Deliver a VIP Experience?

Most of us want to earn top dollar as estheticians and spa owners. But first, we’ve got to make sure we’re delivering a world-class client experience to match that level of pricing.

What does a “VIP experience” means for you? How would you like to be treated when you’re paying top dollar as a client?

A VIP experience is one that makes a client feel “wowed.”

For example, at my spa, every client is greeted with a warm welcoming smile at the front desk. We make sure each guest has a personalized experience by paying attention to details such as using the client’s first name and offering a beverage of choice.

In addition, it’s not just what you say but also how you say it. Are you using world-class verbiage? Do you make eye contact? Being sincere? Like for real? How about actively listening?

Are you being present and intentional?

For me, the intention of delivering a VIP experience permeates everything that I do. I have seen first-hand what a big difference this makes in hosting the Beauty Business Summit.

A VIP Spa Experience is simple: treat your client the way they want to be treated. Share on X

Create a VIP Client Experience: The Magic Is In the Details

When I was organizing this summit, I had a vision of creating a unique and memorable experience for the attendees. It was actually a lot of fun putting together little surprises throughout the event to make sure the attendees said “wow!” And they did! I heard “wow” from people all day long.

How do you create a VIP client experience? By giving everyone “world-class” attention.

For example, I’d wonder, how could I “wow” someone at the registration table? I’d then consider the experience not just as “checking in” to an event. The attendees were our VIP guests for the next two days and we had to deliver those magic moments as soon as they walked in.

The magic is often in the details. For instance, we greeted every attendee with a warm, loving welcome and gave flowers and gifts at the registration table. Each attendee was personally shown where to go next, whether it was for breakfast or to their designated seating, or have one-on-one time with a sponsor.

Everything was planned out with intention and our attendees felt it.

Attracting Premium Clients

Coincidentally, one of our keynote speakers, Mary Ronnow from The Skin Institute Internationale in Honolulu talked about attracting premium clients.

In order to attract premium clients who are willing to pay top dollar, you have to first become a premium brand.

She talked about a salon in California that caters to celebrities. It offers to have the clients’ BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes vehicle detailed during their salon appointment – and that’s the kind of cars that are pulling up to the salon, by the way!

Of course, you don’t have to offer car detailing to get premium clients. However, that’s a good example to get us thinking about what we could do to deliver an incredible client experience.

Be creative! Think about the clientele you want to attract and what they’d consider a VIP experience.

Reality Check: Are You Really Delivering a VIP Experience?

The proof is in the pudding. There’s only one way to make sure you’re indeed creating a VIP clients experience – ask your clients!

Client feedback is critical in helping you find out what works and what doesn’t so you can continue to improve your services.

And this is how we know that the VIP experience we strived to create at the Beauty Business Summit was a success:

“Being a VIP was a next-level experience! I saw a lot of magic happening at the lunches where people were getting one on one time with the speakers and other amazing VIP attendees.”
– Brooke Lea Wood

“I felt like the summit was made just for us. I felt so special. And having the opportunity to be together for 2 whole days even for meals was like we were family. Getting the chance to talk one on one with the presenters while eating Tapioca was just awesome. But not just the presenters, the other VIPs as well. I took away so much from them too. Learning and exchanging ideas with each other, was priceless and it’s something I will never forget. It was like riding first class on an airplane. VIP is the way to go. Coach will get you to your destination but the first class experience makes the trip memorable. I am so happy I “rode” VIP. It was definitely worth the investment.”
– Stacy Allende

“I loved the intimate feel of the summit. The connections that you make during the meals were amazing. Not only asking questions to the presenters but with the other VIPs that know and value their education and believe they are worth it… because we are. I believe that it was 100% worth the investment for VIP and would do it again in a heartbeat.”
– Zoey Michelle Jensen Jolley

“It was an amazing experience for me. I felt like a VIP throughout the whole experience. I would not do anything less than VIP. It was amazing to get the chance to sit and talk in an intimate setting, with leaders and influencers in the industry! I mean talk about star struck! It was something I will never forget! I learned so much and felt like my brain was being pampered the whole time!”
– Charlotte Savia

“I was totally impressed by the details of the VIP experience. Nothing was left out – the venue was incredible, the intimate size of the event, the opportunity to connect and have rich conversations was deeply rewarding, the swag (THE SWAG!), the quality of speakers and their zone-of-genius topics, and the general flow of the event. You don’t get this at our normal industry conferences!”
– Kirsten Foss

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