Want New Clients? Create Raving Fans in Your Beauty Business Instead

We are obsessed with gaining new clients in the beauty industry. It’s almost become a fad. Instead, we should understand how to create raving fans to build a solid, sustainable beauty business.

Many beauty professionals I know are busy (and distracted) trying to get new clients in the door. So busy that they’re not taking care of the clients they already serve!

This will become a big problem over time. Did you know that it can cost as much as 5 times more to acquire a new client than it is to retain an existing one? Not to mention, returning clients are more likely to make more purchases at a higher value.

Creating raving fan clients means you will spend less time selling and more time nurturing the clients who can’t stop talking about you. You’ll spend less money on advertising to generate the same amount of revenue (which means more profits!), and leverage the power of referral marketing from your raving fans.

This means we should put more focus on increasing client retention rates. Create raving fans for ultimate strategy and client loyalty.

How To Create Raving Fans in Your Beauty Business

Building raving fans takes time initially, but it’ll pay off tremendously once you’ve built that solid foundation. Here’s how:

Know Your Clients… Really, Really Well

Clients return when you solve problems they desperately need help with. Ask deeper questions to get to know your clients really well. Keep asking questions and document their answers so you won’t forget.

Create your ideal client avatar to understand who you are truly talking to. You can also gather information by talking to your best clients and using social media to gain insight into pain points.

Knowing your clients will help you communicate empathetically to build the trust you need for optimal business growth.

Create an Exquisite Guest Experience

We need to create magic moments to deliver an exquisite guest experience every appointment. Not just on the first visit but every single time clients come to see us. Not only do clients expect the same outstanding experience every time but consistency builds trust which increases retention rates.

Some estheticians get bored doing the same ole thing over and over. You may get bored but trust me – your clients don’t! You’re probably delivering the same experience to clients many times a day but your client has been looking forward to that hour with you all week.

To keep clients coming back, you need to meet that expectation by maintaining a high-quality guest experience during every visit.

Over Deliver and Exceed Expectations

The more value your clients receive during your time together, the more likely they’ll keep coming back. Don’t just meet the “minimum requirements” but go above and beyond to create that “wow” factor.

Surprise and delight your clients with added value and they will not only keep coming back to your business but also share stories with their friends and family.

Show Your Appreciation

Don’t take your loyal clients for granted! Show your appreciation and reward your clients for their repeat business. Even small gestures can go a long way to stay top of mind and deepen your relationship.

Always personalize your communication and don’t be shy to pick up the phone to check in with your clients. Take notes about their preferences and specific requests so you can deliver a consistent and outstanding experience every appointment.

Your Loyal Clients Are the Foundation Of Your Business

Build a base of raving fans. Even if it’s just 5 loyal clients. Your business can’t thrive without repeat clients who tell others about your services.

Listening to your clients, building lasting relationships, and creating a system to deliver an outstanding guest experience is key to building a profitable and sustainable beauty business.

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