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Fuel Your Beauty Business By Crafting a World Class Interior Life

We strive for success in our spa businesses… but have you taken a moment lately to define what “success” means for you and how to achieve it? 

Oftentimes, we measure “success” by how much money we make. Yet, income is simply the outcome of having an amazing inner life.

The truth is, you can’t build an outer world that is any bigger than your inner world. Success must start within by creating a world-class interior life.

In addition, our inner world affects how we project ourselves and interact with clients in our business.

It’s the foundation of delivering a welcoming and peaceful client experience that will keep people coming back to your business.

So where to begin?

In order to revolutionize our interior life, we must focus on four aspects: health, mind, emotions, and spirituality.

Once you master your interior world, everything in the exterior world will fall into place.

You’ll have greater success and ultimately be more fulfilled in business and in life.

Create World-Class Health

Health comes first. After all, you can’t build your beauty empire if you don’t have the energy and stamina, right?

In addition, if you aren’t healthy and radiant looking yourself, how can you expect your clients to trust you in helping them look amazing?

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Make sure you’re doing the basics, such as drinking enough water throughout the day (I know you’re telling your clients to do so. 😉 ) and eating wholesome, nutritious foods to keep your mind alert and your body fueled to care for your clients all day.

Don’t forget to get adequate sleep. Proper sleep is the key to having a clear mind so you can come up with brilliant ideas to move your business forward.

In the book Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson, he talks about the importance of quality sleep. The best sleep hours are between 10pm-2am, which he calls “Money Time!”

Last but not least, make time to exercise. Physical movement increases endorphins, which puts you in a good mood. You’ll also benefit from a healthier heart and stronger body that will support you to do your best work.

Not to mention, being happy makes you more client-attractive… after all, clients come to us to feel good!

Create a World-Class Mindset

Gandhi said it best: ”Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words.”

And I’d say, your words become your reality.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful and have a direct impact on our circumstances. They affect how we perceive ourselves and how others see us.

If you struggle with negative thoughts and sadness, don’t dismiss them.

There are many ways to create a positive mindset in your day, such as exercising, getting inspired, practicing gratitude, helping others, and reciting daily mantras.

Just like feeding your body the right food, your mind also needs positive “nutrients.”

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What if you made a commitment to read one industry article per day? If you commit just 10 minutes a day to learn something new, you’ll expand your mind and become more confident in your business.

Digesting information on skin physiology and product ingredients is great, but don’t forget about business building and marketing articles. They give you the knowledge to build a thriving practice.

In addition, interactions with other spa owners and practitioners help you stay current, expand your perspective, and even challenge your current way of thinking.

Look for classes, seminars, trade shows, and conferences that will give you the confidence to maintain your edge in today’s marketplace. Conferences also allows you to mingle with peers so you can return back to work with fresh ideas and inspirations.

Nurture Your Emotional Self

We all have good and bad days emotionally. This is what makes us human.

However, it doesn’t mean we should let our emotions impact the quality of our work.

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We live in a busy world and often forget to prioritize what makes us smile and brings us joy.

This could be something as simple as watching the sunrise or going for a walk in the neighborhood park to appreciate nature.

Or, it might be going for a run, playing tennis, drawing, or journaling.

Whatever it is for you, make time for the things that bring you joy every day.

In addition, carve out one day a week for an “adventure day.”

Unplug from technology and go on a hike, meet an old friend for lunch and a movie, or visit a museum.

Remember, making time to nurture yourself emotionally isn’t selfish.

In fact, once you start giving yourself this little slice of joy, other people in your life will also feel the difference and benefit from the positivity you’ve created.

Connect With Your Spiritual Self

Connecting with your spirituality gives greater meaning and purpose to your work.

It helps you become more motivated and productive in your business and make your more client-attractive.

Tapping into your higher power can take many shapes and forms, such as prayer, meditation, self-reflection, controlled breathing, or simply being mindful.

In these moments of stillness and introspection, you gain perspective on your mental and emotional states to help you make better decisions in your life and business.

In addition, spend a few moments daily to write down what you’re thankful for. Having a grateful heart can change your attitude and turn around any challenging situation.

A World-Class Interior Life Is Your Solid Foundation

Things can change on a dime in the beauty industry.

New science, new protocols, new client expectations… they can throw us a monkey wrench just when we think things are going well (you know what I’m talking about!)

However, you can always count on your world-class inner world.

Start crafting an amazing interior life and watch your outer world unfold with more joy and fulfillment in both your business and your life.

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