Increase your revenue and become a more valuable esthetician by mastering business and marketing skills with Maxine Drake, esthetician career coach.

Increase your revenue and become a more valuable esthetician by mastering business and marketing skills with Maxine Drake, esthetician career coach.


In this free assessment, you’ll discover:

  • If your vision is clear enough for business success
  • What steps to take to achieve business growth
  • Action needed to increase visibility and gain more clients

Why Maxine?

If you're ready for someone to shine a light in the corners of your business that have been neglected, Maxine is the esthetician career coach for you.

Maxine is a licensed esthetician and previous spa owner. She understands the overwhelm of running a business and leading a team while still working in the treatment room.

Whether you are starting out as a new esthetician or you're ready to grow your business to the next level of excellence, Maxine has helped hundreds of spa business owners reach their goals and become more profitable.

"To be a world-class business owner, develop world-class behaviors."

- Maxine Drake

The Results are Clear


“Maxine is an amazing caring woman and powerhouse consultant. I have worked with Maxine for 3 months and was able to accomplish all my goals such as increase in service sales, increase in re-booking rate in massage department, decrease in team turnover and, most importantly, my stress level. I find her approach very unique and really helpful. I also love monthly webinars and support from a Inner Circle . We need it so much in our industry where we can easily feel isolated. "

Erina Lander
Owner of Touch Of Bliss Organic Spa

Hana Novakova

"I have been in Maxine's Inner circle & Esthetician business academy for few years now and I am so impressed with all the information and teachings she provides. The back office study is full of priceless classes I can go back to anytime and once or 2x a month we have a new live masterclass that is just beyond expectations every time. A few months ago I decided to work with Maxine one on one and if you haven't done that, you are missing out. She can really bring your business to the next level in just a few coaching calls. I am grateful for her knowledge, kindness and compassion."

Hana Novakova LE
Owner of Nova Beauty Center


"She knows Beauty Business inside and out! The VIP Coaching I had with her last 6 months helped my solo esthy business to expand in so many ways. Her teaching is based on her years of experience in this industry and she was able to guide me with the steps I needed to take to get to where I am now. Can't believe I did all of this in 6 months. Her Inner Circle group offers tons of information and teachings on a variety of topics and Maxine's Beauty Business Summit is a must for all beauty business owners, big or small."

Yukie Stauffer
Owner of Face 5

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