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“Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” — Voltaire

maxine drake consulting client heidi

Heidi Kasiske

Maxine is awesome! She gave me some great advice to help me grow my business. I’m excited to put into practice some of her great advice. Thanks, Maxine!

Lindzee Kennedy

I attended the workshop in Salt Lake City and so glad I did!! I needed help on marketing so much and I left with a new found confidence and inspiration to get back into it and post to my target group!! ❤her

Annette Scott

I love Maxine’s passion for healthy work practices, healthy living and her amazing business knowledge ! I went away from her class with fresh eyes to examine my own practices .

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Meg Oxford

Maxine is an amazing person. I am still using the steps I learned to become a rockstar Esthetician and her class was the most professional and inspirational I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been in the industry 20 years). Maxine will work with you 1:1 until you meet your goals. Don’t pass her class up.

maxine drake consulting stephanie grimes testimonial

Stephanie Grimes

Maxine is a wonderful person and her workshop showcased that! She has a wealth of information that she is willing to share. I highly recommend her.

maxine drake testimonial coretta

Corretta Hanchett

I really enjoyed the abundance esthetician workshop. Mrs. Drake passion knowledge and experience really encouraged me as a budding esthetician. I hope to go to more workshops in the future.

Laurie Neronha

What an awesome, helpful FUN workshop! Even after 19 years in this industry, Maxine was STILL able to teach me a thing or two. Highly recommended!

maxine drake consulting sonja testimonial

Soniaa Cox

Maxine gave me so much information and tips on how to expand my business and really helped me to target my ideal client. Her approach to marketing is brilliant and easy to understand and follow. I have no doubt my business will increase after implementing her strategies.

maxine drake consulting kathy trinh testimonial

Kathy Trinh

Love her class. So much information and she truly care and want you to be successful at what you do.

maxine drake esthetician coach testimonial crystal harmon

Crystal Erickson Harmon

She’s been one of the best people to have in my corner. So grateful for her!

maxine drake consulting - angel shuler testimonial

Angel Shuler Burnside

Wonderful, uplifting, encouraging class for solopreneurs. Loved the part about creating your client avatar!

maxine drake testimonial jenn jepson

Jenn Jepson

Maxine is a blessing ~ Very positive and kind, she gave me many ideas!

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Lynne Shirvandehi - Maxine Drake Consulting Testimonial

Lynne Shirvandehi-Gow LE

I attended The Abundant Esthetician Workshop with Maxine, and I would happily give 10 stars!! I received coaching that will make a real and measurable difference in my solo business, and support me should I expand in the future. One of the best things about this workshop is the group of attendees! Brainstorming with smart, like-minded professionals is so valuable! Maxine is a great coach, combining her experience as a spa owner and esthetician with an intuitive gift for communication. I’m very grateful for this experience! Her on-line education is also great!

Courtney Carrie - Maxine Drake Tetimonial

Carrie Flournoy

I attended the Abundant Esthetician workshop last week and I have been putting into action the plethora of information and strategy ideas learned at the class. Maxine is such a wonderful coach with so much valuable knowledge within the industry as well as such an open heart. She truly wants me to succeed and be happy along the way. I highly recommend this program to those who are needing direction, focus, and strategy.

Lisa Caputo - Maxine Drake Testimonial

Lisa Caputo

Spending the day with a roomful of beautiful, positively energetic women who are trying to raise industry standards, provide unsurpassed customer service, & who are willing to share from the heart makes for an inspiring & motivational force that left us all feeling more confident & certain in achieving our goals! Thank you Maxine for sharing with us what works & for showing us how to thrive within our careers.

Morgan Merril photo - for Maxine Drake Esthetician Coach Testimonial

Morgan Merrill

Maxine’s Abundant Esthetician class was amazing! So many wonderful things we crammed into a day and now it is all about implementation! Her energy and knowledge kept the class flowing and she shared a lot of great information that is useful for the single esthetician or spa owner.

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shawna pelton - maxine drake esthetician coach testimonial

Shawna Pelton

I’ve had the privilege of knowing & working with Maxine for 12 years now and have found myself saying on many occasions “she is consistently incredible”. A wealthy source of knowledge in addition to being on point, generous, kind & attentive, Maxine is a true professional with so much to offer.

rebeccajon privett maxine drake esthetician coach testimonial

Rebeccajon Privett

Maxine was absolutely wonderful today! She had a great energy and I loved how she opened up the training with positive cards for everyone. I took a lot from her class, and will be applying it to my business. I would definitely recommend her trainings , and attend another one in the future.

cassandra schloser maxine drake esthetician coach testimonial

Cassandra Schloser

I’m so glad that I attended Maxine’s workshop.I got so much out of it.I have been an Esthetician for over 30 years & I can’t stop learning!It ignited so many ideas that I can implement in my esthetics business right away. It was a very positive step for me as an Esthetician & a human. I realized how valuable it is to have a coach in my life. I loved & enjoyed having the input of all the other Estheticians & brain storming!! Thank you Maxine

diane bracco quartel - maxine drake consulting esthetician coach testimonial

Diane Bracco Quartel

I walked away floating from all the information & Contacts I made at Maxine’s Abundant Esthetician Workshop! My attention was rivited from the moment Maxine spoke. It was even more fun once we all started to interact with her presentation. No question went unanswered! No one was denied eye contact or left unattended to. The information is illuminating and empowering. I can’t wait to see her again.. and again.. and again!! She is empowering, caring, giving & just an amazing woman. I am more for having met Maxine Drake!!

Teri Kotantoulas

Maxine is a fantastic coach! If you are an Esthetician in need of business guidance and support to grow your practice, the Esthetician Inner Circle is the perfect place to find the support you’re looking for. Maxine’s positive attitude and knowledge, combined with support and idea sharing from like-minded professionals in our industry, is invaluable. I highly recommend Maxine and the Esthetician Inner Circle!